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Our Call Center agents strive not only to meet your  expectations, but exceed them. The testimonials given are from actual customers speaking from personal experiences and they are not compensated.
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December 26, 2015
Thank you Kiki!!! The room was lovely and we slept so well. Very nice hotel and the shuttle got us to the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight. You were awesome and I thank you so much for your kindness!! Merry Christmas to you and the happiest of New Year’s!!! Sincerely, – Jan

December 18, 2015
It was such a pleasure speaking with Stacy. I have never spoken to someone with such a big heart and extremely passionate about what they do. I appreciate her helping me successfully book my honeymoon. I am so happy I have her direct information because I love to travel and would love to work with her for booking my future trips. I will also recommend that all my friends book their trips through her.  Service being provided from individuals likes her make a trip so much better.

December 10, 2015
Maria Curtis left VM advising that she was very happy to work with Altamona when booking her reservation to Atlantic City. She was impressed with her wonderful, kind, sweet & was very pleased with her helpfulness. – Maria

December 10, 2015
Sara left VM advising of the best, most helpful and nice experience she had in working with LaTasha. She wishes that there were many more people in service like her. – Sara

December 08, 2015
Thank you Melissa for being a great help to Randy Tolson. He stated that you did an excellent job and went above & beyond to assist him with finding a hotel reservation!!! – Randy

December 08, 2015
I spoke to Bonnie Glenn and she stated that April was a great agent. She was greatly impressed with the service she received and will call back and book again with!! Thank you April for taking such great care in finding the perfect accommodations for Bonnie Glenn and for securing a future customer for Bonnie

December 07, 2015
The rep who worked w/ me on the phone to book my hotel was OUTSTANDING! GIVE HIM A RAISE! He was that good! Please let him know how good of a job he did. He exceeded my expectations. Sincerely, – Andre Gibson

December 07, 2015
Jerry sent the following email explaining what a great experience he had with Crystal!! Crystal just helped me book a room in Indianapolis, IN, and I would like to tell you that she did an outstanding job for me. Her patience and determination finally paid off and she got me a room in a sold out city somehow. She deserves to be commended for her work ethic – super nice and friendly. What a pleasant experience. – Jerry

December 01, 2015
I want to submit a huge compliment for Tamara Hayes in the manner which made booking a room a very pleasant experience. Her calm and detailed approach is to be admired. She conducted the transaction in a very polite, professional yet down to earth manner which made it seem as if I was the most important person to her at that time. Almost like conducting business with a friend. Her people skills were apparent the whole time. She truly represents your company in a very positive way. It is treatment like this that will make it easy to use your service again even if it cost a little more it’s worth it. I wish there were more people like Tamara by phone or in person. Thank you very much.

Lauri was told by her brother to book a room for her nephews college graduation last December because the hotels sell out during graduation time. She stated that here she is 1 month out trying to find a room. She advised that she has special needs because of her allergies & that she a needed a room that has windows that open. After spending hours/days looking, she dialed and was fortunate enough to have Richard answer the call. She advised on how it was a pleasure to work with Richard and he was able to find the perfect accommodations for her so she could enjoy your nephews graduation.- Lauri

To the applicable Supervisor/Manager at,
I just wanted to take the time to extend high praise to Chris Dirkx!!! He handled my reservations for a room at the Holiday Inn in Buford, GA (4951 Bristol Industrial Way Buford, GA 30518). Chris answered all my questions and concerns with exceptional professionalism (and patience)! He even put the rooms on hold for a few so I could check on something on my end before booking the reservation. After we touched basis again, everything was finalized. Considering the amount of calls the call center may receive daily, it takes a special patience and poise for a person to remain at the top of their craft. If the rest of your customers are receiving the same level of service Chris provided me, your company is in great hands! From my initial impression, I believe is privileged to have Chris Dirkx on staff!! Please respond with any questions or concerns. From a satisfied customer, Thank you- Alvin

I just wanted to tell you what a great help Jerneice Lowe was when we used getaroom for our travel plans. She was very helpful & took all the time we needed to find something that would be perfect for our travels. She also was very pleasant. Thank you -Kathleen

I recently got a room for myself and future wife at getaroom (Paris Las Vegas). I am very happy with the service Mr. Vince gave me he was actually very polite and gave me great advice for my wedding which I will never forget can’t wait to keep purchasing rooms from you guys absolutely EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Seriously felt like I was talking to family thank you guys!!!!! Beyond Satisfied Customer -Albert

Shauri did a great job, she was very pleasant and stayed the course until you were able to provide him with the correct information regarding the room description for him to make the right decision on which room he wanted to book. -Unknown

Taylor was so blown away by the service he received from Ms. Jacqueline Flowers today that he felt compelled to ask to speak to her supervisor so he could tell me all about it!!! And once he had me on the line, he literally spent easily the next 5 to 8 minutes straight singing her praises and emphasizing how helpful and courteous and knowledgeable she was!!! And also how pleased he was with his Getaroom experience as a result of her efforts!! -Taylor

Dear Stacey,
I received your email as a follow up regarding the reservation made on 10/12/14. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I appreciate the total respect and concern for my every need and concern. You reserved us a wonderful rate and also took the time to call the hotel and request us high floor away from the elevator due to the fact I am travelling with my elderly mother. Your congenial personality and sense of humor only added to a professional who knew the quality of good customer service. In this day and age of everyone complaining about one thing or another I thought it would be important for a company such as yours to know what good customer service does not to go unnoticed by some and is not taken for granted. You have a wonderful personality, and great professional skills. I certainly want your company to know without hesitation, that you are an outstanding employee and get whatever increased company benefits are in your future. Once again, thank you for everything and we may speak in the near future again. -Rosie

Cheri Marchi was extremely helpful and answered all our questions. She was a delight and made the process extremely easy. Because of her, I would surely use again. -Steven

My family and I and our neighbors are planning a trip to Disney World this summer. We have been looking for accommodations off and on for several weeks now. Needless to say, we were anxious to get that part of our planning completed and the anxiety was rising. That is until I came upon your website ‘’ and liked the way it was presented. I don’t remember how it all played out, but somehow I came across a number, called it, and asked about the unpublished rate I had heard about. The person I reached was Jeff. He was so kind, reassuring and helpful that our experience ended up being such a positive one that I wanted to be sure and let you know. Thank you for providing a friendly website and more than that a highly competent, English speaking, far above average employee to assist with our plans. It was truly a joy to work with him. I will beusing your company in the future and will tell friends about it also. Thank you again,-Lisa Van Zwenden

I just had a very pleasant first-time experience on phone, and secured 2 rooms at our hotel of choice. Thanks, Richard! -Krista

GAR customer Gwen Blaney advising of the great job Marcia did for her in locating a hotel in Las Vegas. -Gwen Blaney

“Stacy goes ABOVE and BEYOND with customer service. She has helped me so much – I love when she answers the phone. Great employee” -Melissa

Hi Chris/Getaroom,

Just wasn’t to say thank you for all your assistance last week and for making the reservation for us at the Warwick. We are very much looking forward to our trip. You provided an excellent service. Regards, -Tracy

I had some concerns over a booking I had done for a client over the weekend — and Mr. Norris was just wonderful in his desire to help.  He gave his complete attention and helped me so much, what a great experience. I don’t have a chance to talk to customer care very often. After my exchange with him I wish I had more. -Mr Woodson

Customer gave Chris D kudos after dealing with a painful money wise reservation; Chris made the booking of his reservation easier by being a people person. Also guest stated that the hold time was short as well. Please let Chris know that he rocks.

This is to let you know that we have a very good experience with Richard Purdy’s assistance and follow up during our last hotel reservation in Miami Beach FL. Best regards, -Dr. Davoud Tayebi from The Netherlands

Thank you very much for your help. After using for at least the last three to four years I have to say that I am truly a fan.  Not only are the rates extremely competitive the customer service has always been outstanding! Kind Regards, -Mitzi Alario

Just had to pass along a compliment about an employee at “get a room”…she has been so helpful and wonderful…if all employees were like her.  She has booked rooms for me in Florence and Bologna Italy!  Can’t do enough to make sure it’s easy and convenient…see her note to me below…even though your pricing is higher than American express I am keeping reservations with Stacy O’Neal.

I have just booked a hotel with Chris D and I could not have been happier with a reservation agent as I did with Chris. He worked with me until we found a hotel that was affordable for me.  He was professional and very patient with me (and that is not easy!!!!). Thank you for such a great employee.  I hope you let Chris know how important he is. Thank you -Joni Infantino


I would like to thank you for your excellent service. Hotel rooms in the Boston area are next to impossible to get at this time and you secured rooms for me with great expertise and finesse.  This made it possible to move forward with my business successfully. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you. Many thanks, -Allison G. Wheeler

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the hotel booking for Dukes. My father and brother had an enjoyable stay!!! I’m bookmarking after this pleasant experience. Thanks again, -Yuko

Dear Supervisor,

A very positive and pleasant experience in dealing with Stacy Oneal. She was informative, knew her product well, has great communication skills, and very professional. I am and will continue to be a repeat customer. Did I mention very helpful? Well add that to the list. Thanks. -Stephan M. Vener

Wow!! What a great employee you have in Shauri! She was very pleasant, efficient and patient (20 to 25 minutes) but got the job done; even with all my changes, and confirmed my reservation And it wasn’t even the same place I called about. Great job, give her a raise! -R. Coleman

I was bragging to Don Jones President of about the skill level and the quality that each of our agents possessed. So much so that he decided to call in and test the skill level of our call center today. When he told me that he had spoken to a very pleasant agent named Richard. I started to smile from ear to ear. Not only was he very impressed with Richards’s salesmanship but his overall knowledge of the city was impressive. -Don Jones President of

Mr. John Marks Left a message on my voice mail very excited and happy with the service Mr. Jeff White provided, he was respectful, super nice and was able to book us At the Stratosphere with one of those fantastic UN crazy rates he told me after booking it. It was the “BOMB Bro” as he calls it. Thank you for making our stay more enjoyable and cheap. GAR Rules. -John Marks

It was truly a joy to speak with Stacy– both on the causal level and on the professional level in terms of the service that you provided. It is not an exaggeration to say that you “rescued” me after days – and I do mean days – of fruitless searching for the right place to stay for my upcoming trip to London. I’d like to go into a little detail regarding what you were able to offer me that no one else in the travel industry did:

 You GOT me my desired reservations. That’s job #1 and you did it. As I had mentioned, I had repeatedly been disappointed in finding hotels and agencies that promised certain dates, certain rates, and certain services – only to be let down by “the truth” once I actually reached them or some other reservations service.

 You were professional and courteous – while still being sociable and friendly. I cannot tell you how many reservations service providers did NOT come up to your standard. They told me one price, and then ended with another; they cut me off and never called back. They argued with me regarding a room rate that was published on their own website. And last of all, many seemed unable to understand the rather simple requests I was making. In some cases, I had to repeat a hotel name 5, 6, 7 – or more – times before I was understood.

 You were enthusiastic and seemed genuinely pleased to speak with and help me. This is not a subject I know just a little about. I supervise my company’s tech support department; I know the difference between genuine and fake. You are genuine and that attitude is contagious. I enjoyed making my reservations with you; I cannot think of any other agent in any aspect of the travel industry where I can say that. You made it sound like you were on my side – and that means a lot to me.

 Finally – you know your business. Too many times I have dealt with people in the travel industry who knows as much about their industry as I know about rocket science. Hearing you speak knowingly about the options that I had in the different parts of London made me confident that you were making the best recommendations for me – as opposed to other services where I had the distinct impression that the agent was simply coming up with the first and easiest solutions that their computers presented them.

I shall not only take the time and effort to inform everyone else in my company that they should work through your organization (as I myself intend to do), but I shall pass along this recommendation to my colleagues in the computer software industry, as I am indeed one of those “road warriors” who spend a lot of time commiserating with other travelers in the same position as myself. Again, I thank you for providing one of the best “customer service experiences” of my professional career. Best Regards, -Don Farber

Hi Shari,

Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with booking a room with “Getting a Room . com”. It was my first time using your company and you get an A+ from me for customer satisfaction. You were very friendly and very helpful and made it a pleasant experience over the phone working with you. I would use your company again next time I need a room! Thanks again, -Cindy Biedebach

My husband, looking for a one night stay in Las Vegas to catch an early morning flight (driving from Orange County) was seeking a lower priced room…after searching on trip advisor, we found your number. Roger received our call, and patiently, not only looked for hotel/casinos in Vegas for a very low rate, but also looked on maps to determine vicinity to the airport. Keep in mind, it was for ONE night, low rate, with specific requirements for a casino; nearby to the airport. It was a 13 minute call (according to my cell phone) and nothing appeased my husband…. I thanked Roger after my husband declined to commit to a reservation. As soon as I hung up, I said to him, “The gentleman who helped us filled all your requests, yet you would not make a reservation”! He replied he was tired, going to bed and could “I” just go ahead with the reservation to “LVH”…I called back, spoke to a kind young lady, made the reservation. She helped identify the especially patient, helpful man whom had spent almost 15 minutes with my husband and I….Let’s just say, we have stayed at many fine Hotels in Vegas, he had never heard of this hotel….but I reminded him it fit all of his requirements….AND was a very low price…So, this is a long email to say, what a rare experience to be treated with such a high level of patience, and kindness. Roger….you shine in this world of apathy. Thank you. I know it may seem strange to read this email, but, truly, I wanted to book a month of rooms just because of your unhurried, sweet, willing attitude. Thank you, -Ted and Tamra Litz

We received a call from Mr. Derek Greely, he was happy and excited about the rate he got for Atlantic City but the best part was the customer service he received from P. Knotts. He was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. He gave me an overview of the area where I was booked and places I can go. This is one of the things many companies lack, I can say that I found that company and the service I’ve been looking for Not to mention the best rates, I’m sold to GAR. -Derek Greely

Received request from Jacqueline Flowers to contact customer wanting to provide a compliment, Called Erik Dohlman after Jackie spoke to him on 9/8/13. Erik stated that in the past when calling to make reservations, not with our company, he usually receives mundane assistance.  But when he called into to book his reservation to Boston and spoke to Jackie she did a great job, going above and beyond.  He wanted to pass along kudos to Jackie for being very friendly and articulate when speaking with him.Congratulations Jackie for taking care of the reservation deals customer and providing him with a wonderful experience when booking his reservation to Boston. -Erik

Thought you would like to know how fantastic several of your team members are at delivering stellar customer service. Carol was great for introducing me to your support team, and Patrick was first to step up and offer his assistance when Stacy was off work. Yet, Stacy proved to be over the top brilliant, and willing to go ten extra miles to help me out.  My son Kevin and I travelled Europe for nine days with lots of last minute changes as to what city we needed a room for each night.  Stacy always gave us options, and could not have been more accessible, patient or friendly.  Stacy found us some very nice properties.  Would encourage you to duplicate Stacy if at all possible. Safe travels -Rich

I just want to tell you I really appreciated your good work, you made a perfect job you make me fell comfortable with my English. Have a good evening. -Lucie Et Nicolas Drapeau

Hi my name is Patty Goodman, and I had the pleasure of talking with Richard yesterday to book a couple of rooms.  We had almost completed going thru two rooms, different dates etc. when there was a computer surge or something. Richard was amazing, he turned my name over to someone, after he realized it would be awhile, and the call was never completed(not the point) but Richard called me this am to make sure I was taken care of. At that point I was not and we finished the deal. Great customer service!!!!!!!! Not many people today go beyond the call of duty but Richard absolutely did. I will tell everyone. Thank you again, -Patty Goodman

To: Get a room Management,

I wanted to start out by saying congratulations on your search engine, as Google suggested to make sure I compare 3 search engines to get the best results and the fact is that your search engine was by far the best result. Nothing makes me happier then knowing that I found a great deal! But the main reason why I am writing this email is Stacy! I would say this the first time I have taken the time voluntarily to Wright and email. And we’ll deserve. You have to celebrate positive people like herself, and how can you not, not only she walked me through the process flawlessly but she did in such a way where my mood went from , I just woke up , to its going to be a great day today! I got off the phone that day and thought to myself, you know Stacie is probably not going to get a raise, she is not going to reach an incentive because of this email, but I wanted to make sure that personal touch like Stacie’s is celebrated! I wanted to make sure who ever Owens the company or whoever runs the company to be proud and consider them self-lucky to have someone like Stacie working for them and representing their brand! I have been in the customer service and hospitality business myself and I can’t help but appreciate the personal touch that will refer people to keep coming back.-Cheers to Stacy, Cheers to get a room.

Chris thanks for being so helpful!! Amazing to deal with!! Will definitely use get a room because of Chris. -Melanie Foreman

I would like to commend Nadine for her diligence, kindness and dedication in helping me with a booking.  Rooms are almost sold out in Indianapolis in August for a convention.  We could not get the client’s credit card to go through.  Nadine, on many occasions -up to 9:00 pm last night, worked with me to get this booked.  We could not get it done. I called her this morning at 9:00 am and we got the booking done with a new credit card. Thanks so much to Nadine for working with me until we got it done. I usually have good luck with your res. agents but Nadine tops the list. Make sure she gets a big pat on the back!!! Thank you.- Betty Hollingsworth, CTC All Ways Travel

Yes I just saw it.  Sorry I went swimming in the pool!  I was enjoying the hotel you so graciously booked for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so patient, calm, informative and helping us to book a fabulous hotel!  I am glad I trusted you and boy were you right. Everything you said was dead on and I want to take time from my vacation to thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you. Again, thank you and we hope all other newcomers and visitors listen to your advice. Respectfully,- Carolina Pizarro

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!! Thank you so much for being genuinely concerned about my family vacation. You are an asset to the company! Please pass this on to your Supervisor: Stacy’s kindness, helpfulness and GENUINE concern, went above and beyond any of my expectations. She was not looking to book a sale, she was more concerned about my family vacation and whether or not we finally got it. This was my first time trying and after all the frustration, I vowed it would be my last…. until my interactions with Stacy. Because of her, I will try to book through you again, but only because of Stacy. Thank you for your time. - Antonella Nester

I cannot even begin to thank you for what you have done for me and fiancé. You took EVERY bit of stress out of this past week from my father being diagnosed with cancer to losing a best friend. We were once locals in Vegas, and the way we have been treated at The D was enough to make me sick and have panic attack. Again Vince, we thank you more than we ever could for finding us cheap rooms and actually caring on a personal level and business level. You have literally changed my week from negative to positive with the amount of stress you relieved just by doing your job and doing it the way it should be done (unlike 70% of these greedy, rude casinos do it here in town). Hate repeating myself but Vince you are a life saver… Best wishes and you def are a caring and hard working person, we could not have done this without you. Thanks again!!! :-) - Stefan

Shannon’s customer service and effort to resolve my issue was impressive and worked out well so I wanted to be sure she was recognized for her outstanding service.  Many thanks from a happy customer, best regards, - Douglas Gray Director North America

I wish that every customer care rep we had handled himself as James Ellis did for me today. He thought outside the box, took his care to the next level and tried to make everyone happy, to the best of his abilities. I really don’t know if you realize that his guy is valuable. I didn’t know that Get a Room existed, but now I do and now I will use this company if the service rep is so easy to deal with. Congratulation’s for your decision to hire him! – Nancy Ringle

I work with a very large company…I wish that every customer care rep we had handled himself as James Ellis did for me today. He thought outside the box, took his care to the next level and tried to make everyone happy, to the best of his abilities. I really don’t know if you realize that his guy is valuable. I didn’t know that Get a Room existed, but now I do and now I will use this company if the service rep is so easy to deal with. Congratulation’s for your decision to hire him!
Nancy Ringle

Emma, “we had a wonderful time in Orlando! Thanks again for the excellent customer service you provided. It was a breath of fresh air to talk with you after days of speaking with the other hotel. I will most definitely be using Getaroom again and will confidently recommend your services to all my friends and family knowing that they will get the best customer service that is out there! Also I would love to have your supervisors contact information so I may send a note of gratitude for having an outstanding staff member. Thanks for all of your help. ” – Alison and the rest of the Petrucci family.

Emma was great on the call, not only did she assist me with finding a great hotel and rate; she went above and beyond to make my experience one to remember. I was booking a hotel for my son as a gift. I was so pleased that I will continue to spread the word about and the services they provide to family and friends. Thanks for all you do Emma. – Mrs. Darlene Adams

I just wanted to congratulate for great customer service. Your call center agent Sergio helped me book a room at the Island during this busy period, I was glad to hear back from him since nobody else called me back, thanks to him I can look forward to a great 4th of July. – Irma Sierra

I recently made a reservation for a hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I called the hotel where the conference is going to be held and they were sold out. They recommended another hotel and the conference price was sold out and their available price was very high for my standards. I checked online and came upon your website and was very happy to see that your prices were the best. They were approximately $40.00 less per day!! I called and your customer representative was very gracious in assisting me. I had never heard of your company, so I was truly skeptical. Your agent reassured me many times, again and again, before I finally decided to go ahead with the purchase. He was very patient, respectful, friendly and accommodating to my uneasiness about trusting your site and your great prices. Demetrius Hood is truly an asset to your company and I will surely be telling my friends and co-workers to check out your site. Thank you so much. – Minerva Saenz.

“Hi Sergio, I just wanted to say thank you again for your help in securing a hotel for my husband and I while we are in St. Louis. Your help was very valuable.”  Trish Fry

“Recently I made a reservation through your company. Mary Suma booked my room; she was very patient, funny, professional, nice, and answered all of my questions. I will definitely recommend to all of my friends, relatives, coworkers, and everyone else I know. I have a suggestion, for her next review, please give her a raise. Thank you very much for booking my room. Have a nice day. God bless you all.”  - Tho Dang

Mrs. Collins wants to know… that “Danette Sanderlin did an awesome job helping her and getting her into the DC area with such JAZZ!”  - Mrs. Collins

“Thanks to Jeremy Wilson, I appreciate your help and found you very pleasant to work with. I like getting help in a quick and efficient manner. ” - Customer

“Mr. Sergio Lopez, I have not experienced better customer service in a very long time, you were very respectful, polite and very helpful. I will recommend your services to all members of my family. I am looking forward to doing business with you again.” Sincerely, - Teresa O’Donnell

“Dear Makiala, Your efforts are truly appreciated when ensuring a customer’s security which increases my trust in your website. Have a good day.” Regards,  Hussain

“This site via telephone found the best rates for me, better than online services. Plus, Jeremy Wilson was able to negotiate a non-smoking room and vet hotel availability in real time. So pleased with the service! Very good solution finding, I was glad to discover this service.” - Beverly T.

“I just had a very complicated reservation to make and Demetrius was just wonderful, he made it seem simple. Demetrius got the job done with full and clear explanations. I think he is terrific in his manner on the phone and his personality and his ability to sort things out in such a nice way.  He is a great representative for all your clients. I just wanted you to know” - Jeannie Castells

“This is the first time I’ve used Get a Room and I was more than pleased with my experience. Carol Short assisted me today and not only was she knowledgeable and patient, but she offered me additional and very helpful suggestions. She even went so far as to return my call from a previous conversation. I call that exceeding expectations. I thought you should know that she is the type of employee that will make your company successful! I got a room. Now “”  Sincerely, -Terri van de Sande

“I wanted to thank Diana for her help booking my hotel tonight. She was very helpful and outgoing. It made for a great experience with getaroom and I look forward to using your service in the future.” –  Nicholas Bobolia

“Called to say that we have a agent name Shauri that is totally awesome and sweet as Maple Syrup AYE. David makes this trip once a year and they where not sure if they would be able to make it this year. But thanks to Shauri they where still able to travel with in their fixed income. Not only was she able to find a great price for our neighbors from the north, but she also provided expert service along the way. Shauri keep up the great work!” –  David Jones

“Lisa D. did an excellent, thorough, professional job helping me with my recent hotel reservation. She gave me important information I had not received when I made my first reservation with your company. She was pleasant, articulate and positive, being sure to help me understand completely my reservation for a special occasion. Thank you.” –  Lisa Rasp

“To whom it may concern: I think I can be a real Dick to CSR’s when getting room reservations. As a consumer , I am trying to get the best price with the highest quality. Your Representative Herbert, was patient, didn’t rush me, was smooth , cool, he wasn’t pressing me and he had the best attitude. This guy could pass on some of his interpersonal communication techniques to fellow CSR’s : and you might want to consider him for some type of management position. It was a good experience. I appreciate you Herbert!” –  Michael J. Regan

“Greetings. I just hung up from working with Gavin to secure a room reservation for my daughter’s 21st birthday. I have wanted to make it special but struggle doing this alone. I am over 60 and a bundle of nerves over dealing with unknowns via the computer etc. I have not been to Vegas for nearly 3 decades so I’m at a loss on this particular trip. I thoroughly appreciate the guidance and patience that Gavin extended me personally. I was just shopping for rates but because of the unique kindness and professionalism that he extended me, I felt secure in finishing up the trip plan with him. He is a model employee and I hope you can reward him accordingly. I will keep your website handy for future trips as well as recommend it..and him. Thank you”. –  Georgette Jarvis

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting us the special room rate for our stay in New York last week.  The employees at the Stay Hotel could not have been more accommodating from the front desk to the door man.  The location was great for enjoying the Times Square, theater/plays and “restaurant row” was within walking distance as well.  The rooms were small, but clean!” – Maybin Grimm

“I wanted to send you my sincere thanks for a great stay at The Luxe Hotel – Sunset Blvd. Everything about the property is superb, from its location and appearance to its extremely attentive staff. The Luxe is as great a hotel for a weekend getaway as it is for a quick stay to recharge your batteries.

My stay at The Luxe was incredibly relaxing and peaceful. It is hard to believe that such a sanctuary exists in close proximity to the hustle and bustle of greater Los Angeles and just footsteps away from the iconic gridlock that is the 405 freeway. The front desk agents, lounge staff, and shuttle drivers were extremely welcoming and helpful. I will definitely be returning to The Luxe – Sunset Blvd next time I am in the Los Angeles area.”
Scott M. Bigger
KSL Travel Show Producer
KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM/1160 AM

“My reservation through your company has just been completed. IT WAS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE because of the associate who helped me – Lori Bess. I’ve never encountered a more patient and helpful person. Let the “powers that be” know when they have a great employee. For, that is Lori!”
Cheryl Dorsey

“Eddie was helpful, informative and patient, all of which made for a seamless booking process. I’d like to thank Eddie – a definite asset to – for his service and have his efforts acknowledged by your company as well!”
Rosalyn A. Fountain

“Oftentimes, we are quick to complain when things don’t go as planned but not so quick to praise when satisfied. I will admit that I was very uncomfortable using a third party travel site; however, your service was terrific, the price was excellent and my rebate was prompt. I just wanted to send along my comments to thank you for a very positive travel experience. Thanks again!”
Joseph Malloy

“Yolanda got me a room – she was terrific!  Great on the phone, so helpful and pleasant.  Thanks so much.”

“I recently used for the first time, and my experience was a positive one thanks to Eduardo. I was very pleased and impressed with the level of service he provided. Eddie not only helped me find a hotel I liked, but one very close to my conference – all at a great price. I have kept Eddie’s direct line and will go directly to him in the future. I will also recommend to my associates.”

“I was very impressed by the patience and pleasant demeanor demonstrated by Lori Bess. My reservation with not only marks the first time I’ve ever used a website, but it’s also the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had booking a hotel room. I now feel very comfortable using your site and plan to refer the company to my friends.”
Ms. Wilson

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Allison & Andrew Cesati

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Gary Patlow

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Sandie Lanzillo

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Carlos Peralta

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Rae Mustokoff

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Jerry Crowley

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Leslie McCarthy

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Tara Ethington

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Sue Holt Fleisher

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Joyce Tveit

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Molly M. Cantrell-Kraig, MCK Products

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Meryl Vernon

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- Sarah Hastings, Travel Show Live

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- Susan Loesl

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When she discovered I could only book at this hotel for three of the five nights I would be in NYC, she spent a lot of time trying to find alternative places for me to stay for the weekend. She also reached out to two hotels for information not listed on their websites. I hope I’ve clearly conveyed how comfortable I felt in dealing with a person as caring and knowledgeable as Cassandra. Thank you once again.”
- Lynda McInnis

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Now I get this e-mail from you and I am even more impressed with YOUR customer service.  I can’t get over how generous and how fair you are.  I actually am moved by the way you treated ME as an important client and I hope to return the favor every time I travel.  I, too, am in a service business, and about 80% of my clients have been with me since I first started 42 years ago.

I know ‘talent’ plays a big part, but how you treat your clients is the biggest portion of the pie. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing. I will most definitely recommend your site and your high standards for customer service. I wanted you to know how grateful I am, and how much you have maintained my faith that there are businesses like mine that put the customer first. You can count on me to be back.”
Janet Wexler

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- Gayle Harrop