Getaroom Customer Testimonials

Getaroom is committed to ensuring all of our customers are fully satisfied with their booking experience.
Our Call Center agents strive not only to meet your expectations but exceed them. The testimonials given are from actual Getaroom customers speaking from personal experiences and they are not compensated. Below are comments from just a few of our customers.


December 2020

“Thank you!  J.L., the Customer Service Representative who helped me, was great!  He was very  helpful and very patience in explaining to me what happened to my reservation.  The great part of it was when he was able to get me a discount on my reservation..” – A.H.

“I would like to commend D., who was very kind and helpful.  She helped me a lot with my situation.  Thank you!” – K.S.

“A.R. was very professional, courteous and offered great customer service.  Outstanding job!” – P.

“The representative was polite and took time to help me.  Thank you!”

November 2020

“I have traveled all over the world and F.G. is as good as it gets! I just want to say thanks so much for being very helpful.” – K.C.

“I want to let you know that I just had a terrific, fabulous, amazing, positive customer service experience with your agent.  K.P. went above the call of duty to make sure I got what I was looking for and I just want to make sure she is recognized for that.” – R.

“I just got off the phone and F.G. was fantastic! I just wanted to share that with you and let you know she’s doing an awesome job. She was very helpful and found exactly what I needed. Just wanted to say that I appreciate her and thanks.” – J.

“I had the most pleasant person helping me with my reservation over the phone. I had to fly up to Ohio for an emergency. I needed to pay for my room at the last minute for tonight. D. was able take care of my reservation for me. She’s got to be the most kindest, respectful, generous, kind-hearted person I’ve ever had to deal with on the telephone. I just had to commend her for being an excellent rep.” – P.P.

“D. was one of the most helpful people I could ever come across! She should be commended for all the service she provides for your company. She was absolutely fantastic! Thank you again for your help!!” – R.L.

“D. provided us with exceptional service and exemplified professionalism at its best! She was great in terms of giving us detailed information, she was very patient, and very engaging. On a scale of 1 to 10, she was a 10!! And we just appreciate her patience with us but more importantly her kindness and just the fact that she knew everything she needed to get our reservation taken care of. Thank you very much again.” – W.W.

“J.B. did such a great job for us! She went above and beyond to find the room we wanted with all the features we wanted. We want to make sure that you knew how well she did! Thank you.” – S.P.

“K.S. was super and very helpful! She is doing a great job! Thank you very much.” – M.

“I was making a reservation earlier and I ran into some problems with my bank account. Basically, I couldn’t get it reserved but I just wanted to note that C.H. with Getaroom was probably one of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had! She was very positive and apathetic in this situation. Although we didn’t get it handled because I have to call my bank, I just wanted to make sure I put in a good word for her performance. I also own a business and it’s one of those things I can really  appreciate- some good customer service! Kudos to her and thanks again for your help!!” –T.M.

“K.S. was fantastic and very helpful! She found a property that we really wanted and I have to say she was great, provided excellent service, and gave a lot of helpful information. Thank you very much!”

“K.S. is absolutely amazing! I have not had such a great experience with any company in like forever, so I just wanted to let you know that she is awesome! Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you guys. Have a good day.” – L.


October 2020

“A.B., I wanted to brag this young man, he did a phenomenal job!” – T.T.

“Thank you so much J.B., I appreciate you like you’ll never know.” – F.A.

“Hello, I want to give kudos to K.S.  My friend and I wanted to spend a night at the beach…we searched various locations and decided on Doubletree.  I reached K.S. and she saved me about $100, a significant savings!  Thank you K.S.”

“I want to let you know that J.B. is amazing! We really enjoyed our full concierge service over the phone. It was a very pleasant experience! She talked about each hotel like she personally worked for each one of them. It really surprised me when I called about one and then she was able to find a hotel that better fit our collective needs. She also called on our behalf to find out what was the pool situation which was really important to my kids.  Totally loved our experience.  She’s AWESOME! Thanks.” – S.

“I want to relay a personal experience I had with one of your employees named D.  I would like to say she has phenomenal customer experience and services! She made me feel amazing; she was very educational and gave me all the information I needed on the different properties I was questioning. I feel like I walked away from our conversation very educated. I feel like you should have a lot of people like her on your staff.  I hope this will get back to her! My name is J.P.  and I’m calling from Canada. Thank you so much and thank you again for the customer service you offer!!” – J.P.

“I would like to say that I just received some very excellent service from D. for my reservation to Barbados! D. was not only courteous, pleasant, and professional; she was very helpful.  She provided information and options that made for a better experience. I would like to say that she is indeed an asset to the organization.  I just wanted to give her kudos for that. Thanks again for your help!”

“My name is R.B. and I was on the phone with D.  She was helping me try to book a room.  I have honestly never had a better experience with anyone else whenever I’ve called. She was awesome! She really went to every extent to try and find a room for my wife and me.  I really wish everyone had her enthusiasm. Kudos to D.!” – R.B.

“I just booked a room with C.H. over the phone and wanted to let you know of her exceptional customer service!! I wanted to give her a kudos because it was a pleasure working with her! Thank you and have a good evening!” – G.

“You have a wonderful lady representing your company! Her name is S.W.! She was very helpful, professional and went out of her way to help us! Thank you!” –  T. and L.E. 

“K.P. tried so hard to help me find a room for my granddaughter. I wanted to thank her again for her help! She went way past the call of duty trying to help us. There are still some good people out there! Thank you, K.P.!!” – J.M.

“Hi! I wanted to thank F.G. so much for her help today with booking our hotel reservations. She was great to work with and I appreciate everything she handled for us. I will definitely reach out to her for future use and refer my friends to you.”


September 2020

“C.L. was amazing throughout my whole process with my reservation issue! I hope she is recognized for it! – F.P.

“I was very pleased with C.M. in Customer Service. She immediately understood and addressed my concerns and promptly issued a refund. C.M. was extremely helpful and pleasant. C.M. I would give you 5 stars for your professionalism, mannerism and promptness in addressing my concern.  Now that IS customer service.” – F.S.

“After few hiccups with cancelling my reservation, I received excellent customer service from one of the best PR persons getaroom has -D.T. She resolved all issues.”

“H.M., you did an excellent job for me today! Thank you!” – D.R.

“I wanted to tell you that C.H. is a nice employee and has EXCELLENT customer service skills.  She went out of her way trying to find me an extended stay hotel that has a kitchen and all those amenities. What an AWESOME employee you have! Thanks for having good staff available to answer people’s questions and everything else. Have a great day!!” – J.

“I just worked with C.H. to make some hotel reservations.  I want to tell you that she did OUTSTANDING! Her mannerisms, her enthusiasm, and customer service is IMPECCABLE! So I was delighted to leave this compliment for her. Thanks again for all your help today C.H.!!” – S.


August 2020

“I.B. helped me today in refunding both of my reservations.  She stayed with me on the phone for an hour and a half to resolve the issue, keeping very high spirits until resolved.  She is great!  Thank you!” – S.S.

“My service was awesome from I.B.  She was very pleasant and patient.  I was very pleased with her customer service.  Thank you so much.” – L.D.

“I am so happy with the excellent, professional I.B. who took care of my issue.  I had to cancel but will definitely reschedule in September with you.  Thank you.” – W.C.

“The help and service we received was amazing and very much appreciated in what has been a very difficult time for our family.  Words can’t say how thankful we are!!” – S.C.

“The customer service representative was very professional and handled everything quickly.  I was quite satisfied.” – K.J.


July 2020

“Good afternoon, My name is T.B.  I am writing to leave a positive review for the agent I spoke with today, July 27th around 4:48 p.m. and also the agent I spoke with on April 21st around 12:12 p.m.  I called about changes to my booking because of COVID-19 and both agents were very knowledgeable, clear and helpful. I would rate them 10 out of 10 because they displayed excellent customer service during a time of high call volumes, changing information and policies. My issues were resolved and questions were answered the very first time I spoke with both agents. I would definitely book another reservation through this company because of the customer service. I really appreciated their service and diligence.” – T.B.

 “ has come to my rescue, which I greatly appreciate. Customer care went the extra mile and convinced the hotel to refund my full payment, which I should receive in 5-7 days. Thank you very much for helping me.” – S.S.

“After speaking with Getaroom, they were understanding of our current situation and resolved our request to our desire. We appreciate their willingness to work with us during this time and will be happy to do business with Getaroom again in the future.” – K.B.


June 2020

“I had to change the dates because of our airline changing their flight schedules. You did it quickly and without any problems. Thank you!” – P.P.

“Great job!  The person I talked to was very efficient. Made the process fast and easy.” – P.D.

“We found a room in Mackinaw City, Michigan for $25 to $30 dollars less than they quoted us at the desk. Great price! Would use it again.” – F.T.

“Seamless booking experience.  Thank you!” – I.L.


May 2020

“After speaking with one of your team member she made it easy to reserve a room.  Thank you.” – M.C.

“Good price. I booked the wrong date on accident, but it was easy to cancel and re book the correct dates. My fault, but was able to make it right pretty easily.” – A.T.

“Very satisfied!  Excellent customer service. Fully satisfied with my hotel reservation. Thank you!!” – C.W.

“Good deal!  Great rates, easy check in, no troubles.  I got a good price for a new, clean hotel.  There were no issues with check in, no price changes and I was able to check in early with no problem.” – W.C.

 “Great experience! The young lady was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will recommend this site to my family and friends!” – H.R.


April 2020

“Kudos for a terrific job! K.W. was very accommodating and attentive.” – L.M.

“Thanks for the great customer service!  E.C. was awesome!” – M.P.

“I had a problem. After reaching out to Getaroom, I received a call from C.M. who went above and beyond to make it right. Excellent customer care. Yes, I’ll use them again.” – L.L.

“KUDOS to Getaroom for their great Customer Service. I had to cancel an upcoming trip due to the Corona-virus Pandemic. All the activities I had planned to take part in during this vacation had been cancelled.  Getaroom did the right thing and gave me a full refund.  This really shows me that they care about their customers and in the future I will definitely use their site again for my bookings. Great Company…………” – M.O.


March 2020

Comments- during COVID-19 pandemic:

“Thank you Getaroom for your response to my complaint and for fixing the situation so quickly at a time when the world is going crazy. Full marks to you.”

“Appreciate your quick response, and I hope that everyone there stays healthy and I can appreciate the incredible workload and stress you all must be under. I appreciate your attention to this matter. Have a good day.”

“Thank you very much. You were extremely helpful in this endeavor. I’m sorry COVID-19 is causing so much trouble for the industry. I hope that this all blows over soon.” 

“I am thankful to you all for your care and decent behavior in this situation.  That means so much.  I sent an email of thanks as well.  Appreciate all your hard work and praying all of you will be safe in this global situation.”

“Your customer service has been phenomenal, thank you for reimbursing me.  You have restored my faith in humanity…”


February 2020

“Thank you for the very courteous agent who helped me on my second call to the company.  S.J. was the reason for this improved review.  She should be promoted!”

“Good afternoon. My name is H.B.  I just made a reservation with one of your agents by the name of F.G. I just want to say how stellar she was. She really went above and beyond!!  She was very professional, very knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you!” – H.B.

“Hello, I was having difficulty on the website trying to book reservations for Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, so I called in and spoke to C.H.  I just wanted to pass along how absolutely perfect she was with everything. She was professional and thorough! She had answers for everything and she was very clear! She was perfect and pleasant and she took a lot of the anxiety out of booking. You have an awesome employee and she should be commended. Thank you so much!” – D.R.

“Hi, I just had a wonderful conversation with D.T.! She was very patient and nice.  She did a great job taking care of our reservation.  Thank you!!”

“I wanted to send you a brief note regarding one of your employees, Ms. D.T.  I called the reservation line yesterday to secure lodging for an upcoming conference. Unfortunately, Ms. T. confirmed my worst fears: the conference’s official hotel was already full.  Regrettably, my problems did not end there. Ms. T. quickly found a nearby property which met all my needs on my modest budget, but found that my payment information was not working….The entire call Ms. T. remained both professional and personable, a combination where it is difficult to strike the appropriate balance. Our brief call was certainly the highlight of my Monday. I was unaware of your company before my call yesterday, but after the lovely experience I had with Ms. T., I know I will keep Getaroom in mind for future travel.” – A.B.

“I’d like to give props to D.E. She assisted me today in booking a room and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job she did!! I would like to commend her for her excellent skills. Thank you and have a great day!!” – M.C.

“I just called and spoke with D.T. on your reservation line.  She went up and beyond to help me out as a customer, both in my needs of what I would like and also the price point I was looking for!! I’ve had some difficulties in getting my vacation booked and it has been a headache trying to deal with other agents. But not D.T.!! She was just fabulous. So please let D.T. know that she did GREAT and I thank her for assisting me today.” – T.G.

Mr. S. asked to speak with a supervisor so that he could let us know how AWESOME A. was in assisting him today!! Keep up the great work A.!!


January 2020

“C.C.~Thank you very much for helping me with the issue today. I will not hesitate to recommend your company and I will sure look to use it as well.  Your way of handling the file was awesome, including your genuine care for your customer.  Keep up your good work.  Thanks again and have a Happy 2020!”

“C.H.~I want you to know how much we enjoyed our stay at the Resort… Thank you so much for helping us with this reservation.” – L.R. 

“Hello, I just want to say that D. was excellent! She was nice, helpful and got things taken care of in a timely manner. She did a great job representing your company.”

“I have to say that F.G.  was very accommodating and patient when helping us book our reservations. Thank you and have a good day.” – N.

“Hey … I was just just talking to F.G. and she was helping us make some reservations in the UK and France. She was very, very helpful!! We did not expect her to do so much to try to help us. She was very patient with me and my husband as we talked about different options and what we want to do. She was just great… very pleasant, very professional. We are glad we found your number. Thank you!!”

“Good afternoon, …I spoke to the most wonderful agent in world! She was the best ever! The Outrigger was sold out but she was able to get me another comparable hotel. Oh, her name is C.H.! Her professionalism and attitude was great! I just wanted to say thank you and I hope you have a wonderful twenty twenty.” – M.M.

“I just had the help of a wonderful lady by the name of F.G.!  She was very gracious to help me get reservations in the Raleigh Durham area for my grandson’s graduation tomorrow. I had not been able to do that by myself and I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate her helping me. You are lucky to have her as an employee! Have a great day and thank you!” – A.W.

“Hello, my name is P. and I am from New Delhi, India. I just had a word with your colleague named C.H.  She explained everything very well and she was very professional and helpful. You are very lucky that you have these kinds of employees. I will always suggest your organization to my colleagues and friends!” – P.

“Hi, I just made a reservation for the Days Inn for a stay in February. I want to give a little kudos to F.G.! She went above and beyond and helped me make sure that my pet would be accepted at the hotel, so I just want to thank her for that.” – E.

“I had the pleasure of speaking with C.H. today. She did an excellent job!  If there is a picture for customer service, she should be on it! She was absolutely excellent from the start to the finish. I just had to let somebody know how great she did.” – E.N.

“Hello.  I just did a booking with C.H.  She made it very easy! She was very cordial and lovely! Please give her high kudos. Thank you very much for hiring her. She represents your company very well. Thank you again!” – M.P.

“I just wanted tell you that F.G. was absolutely wonderful. She did all kinds of searching for me because I am trying to meet up with another group in the area. She really went above and beyond, she even sat on hold for me while I found all the other information. She could not have been more helpful!!  I can tell you it was a very impressive interaction thanks to F.G.!!  I want to say thank you very much and I feel very comfortable and I’m sure that everything is going to be okay. Thank you very much.”

“I just want to send you a message and tell you how happy I was to encounter the service by M.N. while I was trying to find lodging for myself.  I had been looking for a specific type of room (as I am a worn care-giver and needed a break) while on the hunt for 2 hours searching. I dialed a number I found on-line to ask room information when I was connected with M.N.  I was expecting her to answer my question and hang up when she found out that the hotel I called about didn’t have availability.  However, she went above and beyond to find me a room!  This week had been so difficult for me (due to also having a death in the family) that her extra effort really lifted my spirit. It is so hard to find heart in business anymore. She is the genuine article!”

“Thank you so very much for helping us with our ice fishing weekend! Or group greatly appreciates your help!  You Rock!!”- M.Y.


December 2019

“I would like to let you know that E.V. is incredible! She’s extremely patient and she was able to assist me with my concern.” – G.N.

“C.L. was exceptionally helpful!  I was frustrated earlier and she was able to provide all the information I needed.  She went above and beyond to help me!  She is awesome!” – A.K.

“I want to send my commendations for outstanding service from S.W.!  My sincere congratulations on having such an outstanding employee!” – E.R.

“K.S. did a great-wonderful-job!  I want to let you know she does a great job of representing your company.  Thank you!” – A.B.

“K.S. was so helpful today!  She is great!” – J.D.

“L.C. was very skilled and had a great personality.  I had a wonderful experience and want her to be recognized!  I would book with her again, 100%” – L.D.

“I just wanted to say how wonderful C.H. was when helping make a reservation in Long Beach.  She was very knowledgeable, nice and sweet.  My experience with her was great!  Thank you!” – J.D.


November 2019

“D.M. was very patient and found an awesome rate at a beautiful hotel. I will be using again because of the service she provided!” – G.R.

“What an incredible salesperson! So kind and personable, D.M. helped us find a beach front room during a very busy time and her help was so appreciated!” – A.W. & T.W.

“We and another couple just made reservations with D.M. – we had such a great experience with her; she did a perfect job and was able to find an ADA room for my friend. Thank you!” –D.S.

“I was very upset and ready to blast Getaroom on social media – although I know now the situation was my own mistake. F.P. took the time to resolve my issue with patience and understanding. Now that I know more about Getaroom’s services, it is exciting. F.P. was fantastic – his voice, demeanor, and he left a very positive impact.”

“R.C. is so good and very helpful. Honestly, I’m a manager and I like his approach in assisting the customer. I just wanted to compliment his excellent work.” – K.M.

“J.B. was so professional, polite, and humble. She helped me and made me feel good as I was telling her about my husband’s brain surgery. Thank her so much for taking the time to be nice and listening to me. If I had to grade her 1-10, I would give her a 20.” – J.D.

“G.C. was great! It was so unusual to have someone be this helpful! G.C. is a great contribution to the company.” – P.H.

“J.C. is pretty phenomenal, and I’m so appreciative of her help. In short – I was not aware of your service ( before working with you…as a result of your phenomenal customer service, moving forward I will  work directly with”

“J.C. contacted me quickly and fixed my problem. Huge mahalo to J.C. for fixing my complaint!”

“I appreciate your help so much J.C.! You were excellent!” – B.M.

“J.C. – you are an excellent example of a customer service agent. Efficient and thorough.”

“I just spoke with D., who helped me book some rooms…I just want you to know that she was excellent. She was nice, personable, patient and she was exactly what I needed! Because of her I feel confident about where I am staying! I just want you to know that she was golden! Thank you!” – V.H.

“C., you are the most helpful agent of ALL TIME in helping to secure a hotel room! I travel very often and I wish everybody was half as GOOD and as EFFICIENT as you! Hopefully this is recorded so you can play it back for your boss. Thank you again for your help!!” – S.J.

“C. was outstanding in helping me to get rooms secured in Halifax. Thank you so much, you are GREAT!” – R.B.

“I made a reservation with C. and she was excellent. She is a great representative for your company and I have nothing but high praise for her. Thank you” – R.N.

“I just wanted to give a shout out to C.! She helped us book in Lufkin, Texas and I want to tell you that it was a pleasure speaking with her! She did everything she could to get us the best rate possible on a very busy Thanksgiving weekend and I want to thank her for that.” –V.M.

“I am calling you to express our appreciation for K.S.! We were stuck at the Dallas airport and she was super understanding and compassionate of our situation. She found us a room and made sure everything was taken care of for us. She was super sweet, loving and caring.  We just want to let you know that we appreciate her.” – E.J.

“It was my pleasure to have been assisted by F.H. this morning.  She was courteous, professional, extremely patient and helpful, not to mention having a sense of humor.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate her a 10!  Your company is fortunate to have her!” – P.G.

“M.C.’s patience and professionalism with me on the phone for 20 minutes was outstanding!!  Your company should give her a credit-thank you!” – D.W.

“D.T. did an awesome job helping me book a room near the Sea-Tac airport. She was extremely pleasant, helpful and professional!” – B.R.

“I would rank my experience with D.T. as the BEST customer service experience I have ever had!! D.T. was absolutely wonderful and very patient. She went above and beyond and helped me save over three hundred and fifty dollars on the reservation!!” – D.T.

“D.T. found me a fabulous room and saved me a ton of money! She did an amazing job!” – A.J.

“I wanted to make a comment about D.T. in Dallas. She just did a great job for me. She gets an A+!! The phone was crystal clear and her voice was very sharp and clear. I understood her clearly and she performed beautifully for Give her a raise!! Thank you very much” – S.A.

“My name is S. and I have been working with R.P. for 43 minutes and she has not one time been anything but beautifully lovely to me and 43 minutes with one person on the phone looking at different places is a looong time. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate her kindness and her helpfulness!  What an amazing employee you have there. Please treat her well.” – S.D.

“F.G. was extremely professional, very helpful, very kind and courteous…I want to thank her for doing a fantastic job.” – J.D.

“F.G. was helpful and pleasant to speak with. I will be using for future hotel stays because of how great F.G. did when assisting me 🙂 ” – K.D.

“I had an outstanding experience with F.G. She went above and beyond and I truly appreciate it. I will be using your services again soon!” – V.B.

“I just got off the phone with L.C. and wanted to make sure she was recognized for being so helpful! She is pleasant, patient, and funny. Excellent job!” – M.J.

“I just spoke with a reservation specialist by the name of L.C.  She was outstanding with her effort to assist and provide me with exceptional care so I wanted to make sure she was given the recognition that she deserves. I had a wonderful experience talking with her on the phone. Please extend my gratitude to her! She was very professional and did an outstanding job!” – V.B.

“J.B. is the most professional and patient sales rep I’ve ever dealt with, she really knows her stuff!” – D.A.

“I had a great experience working with a most professional and helpful agent – J.B.  I have worked in this field for over 40 years and would like to say J.B. is a real winner and a fantastic employee.” – S.A.


October 2019

“M.F. is outstanding. She was helpful and stuck with me until we found EXACTLY what we were looking for.”

“M.F. did an outstanding job! Not only did she book my room, she also helped me find a tour! I will use Getaroom for all my hotel stays!” – C.D.

“C.H. was courteous, patient, funny, and helpful. What a joy to speak with her!” – P.

“Without a doubt, C.H. is the best agent I have ever spoken with! I will be calling again for sure!” – J.M.

“Kudos for a terrific job! C.H. was very accommodating and attentive.” – D.K.

“Thank you for doing such a great job C.H.!  You helped calm me down when I was very stressed out because you had such a good attitude and personality. ” – S.B.

“J.B. is incredible!!! She was so lovely and friendly on the phone!” – J.L.

“J.B. was awesome today; patient, friendly, assuring. She is a delight and made making a reservation easy. Her service was top of the line. You are fortunate to have her as an employee!” – M.

“She was excellent, helpful, and it made the booking a very positive experience.” – R.W.

“Ms. J.B. was so professional. She was able to turn around my entire experience and was absolutely outstanding.” – F.G.

“J. was able to help me arrange the reservation for D. W. and I would like to commend him for his outstanding service and politeness throughout the call.”

“D.D.B.-I really appreciate your help. You’re awesome! …You deserve a raise. You’re a wonderful person. Thank you!”- R.J.

“I wanted everyone to know how awesome A.A. was with helping me… I was very pleased that A.A. took the time to help me.  Because of her, I will be using for her future hotels stays!” – K.S.

“I would really like to commend C.R., she listened and understood the situation.  She’s very respectful.   As a supervisor, I must say that you hire employees very well!”


September 2019

“L.D. was informative, thorough, and courteous. She provided helpful information and went beyond and above what I expected from this call.”

“L.D. was so helpful and pleasant! She went above and beyond, taking the time to answer my many questions.” – E.Z.


“Last night after 10 frustrating minutes trying to override the Hilton Hotel phone system, I was finally able to speak to a human being. C.H.!!!!  WOW such an asset. She totally diffused my hostility. After a minute or two of idle talk we got down to business.  She was so disarming & charming. In addition she saved me $$$$ on three reservations.  In the future she will be my ‘go to’ contact.  Give her a raise, she is one in a million!!!!”  – I.B. 

“I didn’t catch the name of the gentlemen that I spoke with but his ability to just get the job done is outstanding! So I just wanted to compliment his work. ” – C.N.

“Had an excellent experience with L.D.! She was extremely helpful and patient.” – R.T.

“L.D. went out of her way to help me. It was such a pleasure speaking with her!” – J.D.

“L.D. is the best! She was supremely helpful and informative. I hope to work with her again!” – J.

“After my initial post, I received a call within about 20 minutes.  The gal began contacting the hotel and stayed in contact with me regarding the issue…I am grateful stepped up and got us our refund.  Thank you for making this right and helping us! Things were fixed fast and professionally.  Their social media team rocks!”- M.M.

“Thank you all so much for the exception, I really appreciate it!”

“Your agent L.B. assisted me today to cancel and rebook a hotel room in accordance with my changed travel plans.  I should like to commend her professional and friendly service.  She is a credit to herself  and to your company and it was a pleasure to do business with her.  Best wishes!” – J.


August 2019

“C.L. was very helpful. 5 stars!” – P.T.

“C.L. was extremely helpful and made me feel so comfortable. Thank you!!” – S.Z.


“Spoke with C.L. today who did an excellent job assisting me with a reservation for my visit to Boston, she made everything so smooth!” – L.W.

“I am a certified travel counselor and booking with you was one of the best experiences! F.H. is knowledgeable, friendly, and went above and beyond with helping me.” – A.H.

“F.H. was absolutely the best person to get us a room, EVER!” – C.

“C.L. is the best travel agent I’ve ever spoken to! Your work is greatly appreciated!” – S.H.

“C.L. is extremely patient, and has great phone etiquette – such a pleasure to speak with!”

“L.B. did a great job, she was very warm and assisted nicely.”

““I would like to thank D.T. for settling my case in a timely manner. She was understanding of my situation, for that I will give 5 stars!!”


July 2019

“I requested a hotel room through Getaroom. After verifying my reservation with the hotel, I found the room was incorrect. Initially, I was quite upset as you can imagine. However! Ca. from Getaroom, contacted me and resolved the issue. I must say, she was the nicest person I’ve spoken to that fully resolved my complaints to my satisfaction. She was thorough, very polite and dedicated to making my situation right. For once, a company hired the right person to handle the right issues. Great Job C.!” – M.S.

“Ca. in Service was extremely helpful and friendly.  I felt she went out of her way to make things right. Thanks to the customer service call and the way she took care of my issue, I will gladly book through Getaroom in the future.” – L.B.V.

June 2019

“Thank you very much for not only messaging me promptly via Messenger, but also giving me a phone call. Ca. was very kind and accommodating, so I really appreciate her help. You have a good one in Ca., so definitely keep her around!”

“Co. from Getaroom’s Escalations Department was a gem!! She was empathetic and extremely helpful. She offered to cancel my room and issue a full refund.  I’m completely in awe right now with the excellent customer service I received from Co.! She really changed things around for me.”

“Thanks to the folks in customer service at Getaroom for helping resolve the billing issue with the hotel and making things right!  Appreciate it!!”

“Getaroom customer support rep Ca. investigated my issue and determined that the problem was the fault of the hotel.  Ca. has been working for the last couple of weeks trying to correct this issue.  She is the greatest!  She never gives up.  Getaroom was not at fault for this issue.”

“After a problem with our reservation came to their attention,  Customer Service Rep Ca. worked to resolve the problem. I appreciate her hard work and fairness in resolving this issue. All companies should have a Ca. working for their customer service.  Once the problem came to her attention, she was on the ball and gave it all her attention. Thank you Getaroom for fixing and following up.  I give Ca. 10 stars for her hardwork!” – K.C.L.

“A very nice PR representative from Getaroom named Ca. called me. She was very kind and helped to resolve my issue. She helped cancel and refund my reservation.”


May 2019

“Ca. was nothing but professional. She listened to my requests, sympathized with the reason for my request and followed through on her word. She contacted me again today after getting a resolution for me. Ca. is the reason I am taking the time to write this new review, she went above and beyond for me and I hope Getaroom rewards her for winning a customer back!!! THANK YOU Ca.”

L. is the best!!!  She was supremely helpful and informative of all of the best value hotels and their amenities. I hope to work with her again.”

“A., Thank you so very much for coming into a very failed situation on every level in regards to our original reservation…after initial arrival at the hotel we were advised by the hotel they could not accommodate our reservation.  We were put in touch with you A., and positively reassured!  Everything was smooth sailing from there and fully executed with absolute verification.  I have no idea what kind of compensation you receive for your great work but I’m assuming it’s probably not as much as you are worth.  I hope your employer sees this and realizes how valuable you are to the company.  Absolute best of luck to you wherever and whatever you do in your future!J. W.


April 2019

“Hi! Please could you pass on to higher ups that I was really impressed by N. from customer service going above and beyond for me. If you have commendations or bonuses, she deserves one! Thank you!”

“Old-fashioned customer service-It was great to talk with a real person and he took the time to help me through a problem that L. resolved for me.”


March 2019

“I just wanted to let you know how helpful N. was in helping me straighten out 5 misdated hotel reservations for the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Charlotte Uptown. No one else was able to get this issue sorted out & I really do appreciate her persistence in doing this for me.” – S.D.

“The level of service—both the efficiency as well as the friendliness—I got from GetaRoom has made all the difference in me being willing to use their services again.  Thanks, C.!”

“C. was great and the only person that understood my concern.  She took action and corrected my complaint with the booking process. Thanks C., great job!” – J.D.

“Great Customer Service….Spoke with a great customer service agent, C. M., she resolved all my issues, questions and concerns. Thank you.” – W.W.

“I booked through Getaroom, and there was a bit of a mix up. I reached a customer service rep C., who went above and beyond to fix my issue. I am now being refunded for the problem, and I really appreciate all of her help! If you ever run into an issue, just contact their customer service line and they will work to make it right.” – E.R.

“Follow up to my mean tweet about @getaroomcom: C. in the Customer Relations dept has gone above and beyond to help with my situation. She has called the hotel, talked to the manager, sent an email, and will follow up Monday. Well done! #ThatsHowItsDone”

“I am writing to let you know of the excellent service I received from two representatives, C. and A., who assisted me.  The hotel at which I was booked for a trip to Omaha apparently had a fire, so I needed to be relocated. They quickly got my son and me relocated to the hotel across the street and we did not have to pay a price increase. They were diligent and friendly. I greatly appreciate their help.” – David M.

“C. was incredibly helpful straightening out a reservation error!  Thank you!” – T.

“I had to cancel my reservation for a family medical emergency. I had the best customer service EVER. I had to cancel our nonrefundable reservation due to an illness in the family. They personally called to do so with a full refund. And gave me well wishes for the awful disease we are dealing with. Amazing customer service from C.!!!!”


February 2019

“Dissatisfied Customer turned Satisfied Customer! I want to thank’s customer care department, specifically C.  for handling my situation with a booking at a hotel that didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. They corrected the situation and made everything perfect and I truly appreciate it!”

“J., I think you’re pretty phenomenal, and I’m so appreciative that you all made this issue right….I’m so grateful to you personally and the company for fixing it.  Thank you.”- Jay R.

“My experience with M. was very good. He was very professional and I want to thank him for having such a great customer service quality.”- M.F.


January 2019

“A word to express my appreciation of your service. I used your site for the first time to bring my family of 9 to Marival Residences in Nayarit, Mexico.  Arriving at the hotel we were all upgraded and even in our case in a penthouse room. We really save almost $ 1000 per room per week. A big thank you and we will probably do business with you again.”-Marc T.


December 2018

“I would like to thank D. T. for settling my case in a timely manner. She was understanding of my situation. For, that, I will give a 5 star…..”

“I have to say that your customer service is possibly the best I have worked with.  They do seem to care, unlike many other businesses, and immediately contacted me to make things right.  I’m impressed with both the speed and friendliness of the people who contacted me. Great job!”


November 2018

“Thank you so much for resolving this, I am so thankful.  D.T., You are the only person besides T.W. that helped me.  Special thanks to you for reviewing all the notes in this case! I am beyond pleased with the service that you have given to me. I have been trying to speak with someone since August and it’s finally resolved!! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I want to compliment O. on the great service booking my room.  I had to be downtown for an appointment and he made it happen.  Thanks!” – S.T.


October 2018

“Thank you for the great service in finding me the best hotel price on the web!  I appreciate it.  We will use you again!.” – S.R.

“F.G. was able to find a specific hotel I needed for a conference when the other sites did not have it.  Thank you for going out of your way to help!” – M.R.

“G.L. was able to help make a possible bad situation with the hotel into a smooth checkin.  Thank you!” – J.M.


September 2018

“I was so pleased with the way D.T. handled my needs and the way in which she represented the organization, she was over the top helpful.”

“C. was courteous, polite and professional! Because of C., I will be using Getaroom again!”

“D.T. was informative and very professional. I was very impressed with D.T. and what an awesome job she did with helping us find a reasonable hotel!”

“The young lady who helped book my room was the best! A.O. was professional and efficient. Thanks to her, I have a great room!”

“I am writing this email to thank C. who helped me with my reservation.  He provided an extraordinary service!  I will use Getaroom again because of this service!”

“This is a freewill expression of commendation and heartfelt appreciation for your kindness and good faith in approving my medical based appeal for the cancellation and penalty waiver for our reservations. Your understanding and empathy for the stress of health, heightened by financial necessity, in our extenuating circumstances are a blessing! We especially thank D.D.T and Getaroom!”

“Thank you E.C. for you have shown integrity and excellent customer service!”

“Thank you C. for your customer service. You are nice and courteous.  I do not speak English fluently, but you were still patient and spoke slowly for me to understand.  I appreciate it and once more, thank you!” N.L.


August 2018

“Thank you so much A.O. for your exceptional customer service this afternoon. Your sunny and positive disposition, along with your willingness to help resolve my hotel booking needs, was a big relief!”

“O. was informative and great to speak with. I was very impressed with O’s professionalism and charm.  Thank you!”

“Just wanted to let you know how very professional, very courteous and very personable D.T. was today. I had an enjoyable conversation with her.”

“I would like to tell you that J.J. went over and beyond to find us a room. She is very nice, very sweet and gave us a fabulous customer service experience. Thank you!”

“I want to give L.T.  5 Golden Stars for her work today!  She’s been very kind, professional and was able to assist me all the way.  Thank You!  Thank you!”

“I was having trouble booking online. J.B. was amazing, so relaxed…he really helped me even with the small details. I appreciate it so much! He’s very helpful and patient with me.”

“Just want to say, D. was amazing in dealing with me.  I want to say she was polite, courteous, very helpful and professional!  Thank you.”


July 2018

“D.D.T., I am really impressed with your customer relations service! I wish I could have spoken with you since the very beginning of this issue. If all the customer service representatives could have some training coming from you, it would be fantastic. Thank you so much for solving the problem!”

“Just want to say that R. solved my problem in less than a minute.  She’s amazing!”

“J. was very polite and patient with her throughout the call, very grateful!”

“D.D.T. turned a bad situation into a very positive experience. Thank you very much for going out of your way to help me!

“Thank you C.C. for your professionalism and kindness for helping solve our reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn in Burbank California. It was much appreciated!”

“I am calling to  express my gratitude for the outstanding, professional service I received from  M.M., who resolved this frustrating, annoying, matter. There are no words to express my gratitude for her patience, concern and professional manner in which she conducted this matter. She is an absolute doll!”


June 2018

“Thanks, L.C.!! We appreciate the great service that you provided!”  M.P.

“O. was extremely patient and helped me out of a tight spot. Because of O., I will be using Getaroom again!”

“I was blown away by the service I received when speaking with K.P.!  She was incredibly helpful, kind and polite!!” L.C.


May 2018

“Omg- huge thank you goes out to C.C. from @getaroomcom relocation team. Just went from hotel overbooked and no room back to ready to have fun at #rockontherange. She went above and beyond to make us happy-thank you!!!!!” T.F.

“T.J. was personable and really took her time to find the best deal.” B.

“N.J. was patient, caring, professional & compassionate.” M.H.

“T.J. was remarkable & so helpful. She took such good care of me.” B.P.

“M.R. was very sharp! She provided courteous service.” F.M.


April 2018

“Thank you for your gesture of goodwill and restoring the welcomed funds to me.  My wife and I are truly grateful for your gesture of sincerity.  Your kindness has made a huge impression on us regarding your company and the services you provide and how you treat your customers.  It was a sheer pleasure to speak with D.D.T.  Her caring and understanding manner left quite an impression on us.  Her representation of your company was professional, prompt and personable.  She told my wife that someone will follow up once the transaction was handled on her end in a day or so.  True to her word, D.D.T. followed up and the funds were transferred back into the original account.  The promptness in fixing our mistake put smiles on our faces.  Your compassionate act made our day!  Thank you very much and we appreciated your kind heartedness in our behalf.  Sincerely, T.A.”

“D.D.T.~Thank you for your call and your attention to this matter. There are many sites available to book rooms on the internet and all seem to be similar in most ways. Your personal care and outreach sets you apart and above the others. I now have a much more positive impression of Getaroom. Thanks, D.B.”


March 2018

M.F. took her time to listen to our needs and found a great rate that fit.  A.M.

M.S. gave the nicest treatment during a tough situation; she went above and beyond to try to help me. D.T.

R.S. gave great service, and help! B.

R.P. was  friendly, patient, understanding & went the extra mile! V.B.

R.T. was very kind and helpful! T.P.

N.C. was fantastic & extremely helpful! She explained and answered all my questions. W.P.

D.D.T. was prompt & professional, & received very nice compliments from her customer!!  K.B.

M.E. was patient & went an extra mile for me!  P.G.

J.B. was excellent in assisting to book & locate a hotel!  C.

N.K. was great, awesome & wonderful in helping find a hotel.  D.B.

A.S. was fantastic & concise while helping find a hotel. M.

J.A. was so helpful and so patient with me.  Thank you! N.W.

L.B. was communicative, transparent & a great advocate for Getaroom. E.C.

V.C. was very patient, very kind and polite. J.S.

N.B. was absolutely wonderful!  He was nice and understanding. J.A.

D.D.T.~ Thanks so much! I really appreciate this. I’d like to send a note to D.D.T.’s manager to let him/her know how wonderful she is. She is a true professional and a customer service star! A.E.


February 2018

C.C. was very polite &  professional, a great employee!! K.G.

J.V.O. was very efficient & did a great job today. M.F.

J.S. was very excellent, very patient,  very helpful & she did a great job. A.L.

D.A. was very nice, patient & beyond helpful.  S.C.

J.O. was so helpful & very nice. I am so impressed with his customer service skills . P.C.

T.J. was very helpful & accommodating. I received impeccable customer service and advice. Donna

T.S. was helpful & had an upbeat attitude. P.C.

R.M. was so kind, patient & overall excellent. P.H.

J.P. was extremely great in helping me! C.F.

M.T.R. was helpful & awesome, gave me great options!  N.C.

C.D. was extremely helpful & willing to match my needs, found a great deal! D.K.

N.J. was informative, gracious & the ultimate professional P.H.

L.S. was patient and willing to help & did a wonderful job! D.P.

F.G. was very upbeat, nice, polite, knowledgeable and patient. L.S.


January 2018

D.T. was the best, very pleasant and had smooth skills.  W.C.

Your agent D.T. was refreshing, pleasant and knowledgeable. K.J.Y.

T. A. was  EXCELLENT, smooth,  accommodating, and a total sweetheart. E.H.

Your representative L.S. was personable, easy in demeanor,  diligent and respectful. V.A.

K.S. was patient, a pleasure to work with. Her attitude and service were exemplary!  A.F.

Your agent A.A.  was so pleasant  and patient- job well done!  P.B.

D.E. was SO delightful and SO helpful, TRULY exceptional!  C.X.

Your service agent E.F. was professional, had a calm demeanor,  and a perfect example of how assisting a customer kindly goes a long way.  B.S.

M.M. was very patient  and kind, did a wonderful job!  G.P.


December 2017

Your agent, R.P., was: professional, clear, thorough, helpful, friendly, funny and went above and beyond. – A.C.

Thank you, your service representative D.T. was very helpful.  I appreciated speaking with you today.  You have deemed your company in a meaningful way. – S.W.

Your agent, C.R., is a dedicated, hard-working employee, just want to let you know how much I appreciate her. – K.S.

M.C. was patient, very informative, and did a great job! – R.T.

K.B. was very excellent; and satisfied our customer today. – G.V.

Your agent, J.C., paid attention to our issue and happily got the issue resolved.  Thank you. – J.C.

Representative K.W. was very friendly, polite and professional.  You made my day! – S.A.

A.S. was courteous, helpful & provided excellent customer service. Thank you! – R.M.

M.C. did a wonderful job! She’s superb! – S.B.

W.V. was amazing and had outstanding empathy and problem solving ability! – R.M.

M.C. was over the top!  He is a very kind person and is a 10+ for me!! – Aileen


October 2017

I was 100% satisfied with how smart, quick, pleasantly warm and efficient your agent was; the best I have ever worked with when booking a hotel reservation by phone!  Thank you. – S.H.


I was very happy with your agent’s phenomenal help, I could not have spoken to a better person.  Thank you for being patient and positive in helping me with the reservations booked while on the call!  B.H.


To Whom This May Concern, your agent who assisted me this evening went above and beyond with her excellent customer service…..I will definitely check back in the future with such great customer service like she gave me.  Thank you. – J.R.


Yes, I would like to highly compliment one of your operators who is on duty right now. Here name is ——-. She was extremely helpful, very calm, very patient and very sweet.  My name is Rebecca.  Thank you. – R.


Hello, I would just like to tell you that I’m a 72 year old, who’s struggling to make a reservation for family members who are coming for my husband’s funeral. I’m under a lot of stress and I just couldn’t do the reservation, so I called the number…Your agent answered and fixed me up. She made my reservations and just made my day because I’m so stressed right now.  It’s just a ray of light in a very dark day. So I have to say she has just been wonderful and pleasant thru the whole call in dealing with my fumbling around not being sure with what I’m doing. She got all the rooms I needed booked and I truly appreciate what she did for me.  Thank you. – P.P.


September 2017 

Your agent was very personable and because of her EXCELLENT assistance, I will be using again.  Thank you.” – B.S.


November 2016

I would like to thank you and all of the entire team who helped me here. Thank you so much for negotiating with your clients. I would understand this is not an easy task as being policy however was not fair to me at the same time. It was good doing business with you and will continue in the future.  Thank you again.  Regards- P.

I want to thank you for your help in getting my refund. It showed up in my account today. Due to your help and prompt handling of my situation, I will definitely look to you for lodging if or when we get to go for a vacation.-L.A.

Thank you very much for all your help in resolving this issue! Very happy to hear the good news. We will check the refund status with the bank and will let you know if there are any issues, but consider this case closed. All the best-A. (on behalf of Y.)

Your prompt and courteous service is most appreciated. Best regards,-J.B.


October 2016

Dear Getaroom,

My wife and I have just returned from our trip and I was finally able to verify the great job you did in correcting an error. I am so pleased with the service, and especially your efforts on our behalf, that I plan to use Getaroom in the future and I will recommend it to my friends. Also, in a few days you will see a mention about the perfect way the you solved our problem.  I hope that you continue the good work.  Getaroom is fortunate to have such a thoughtful and articulate employee. Thanks again.-B.M.


To Get A Room Management Team,

I would like to personally let you know about a wonderful customer experience I had with your employee. My room on Hilton Head Island was cancelled due to renovations at the hotel after hurricane Matthew.  I received a phone call  notifying me of this cancellation. This was very frustrating since I made an appointment over a month ago with my real-estate agent to look at homes during this visit. I explained my situation to your agent and she worked with me to obtain another room. She was very professional and knowledgeable. I can’t thank her enough for all the help she gave me and most important, ensuring I knew customer satisfaction was very important to her. She is definitely an asset to your company. I have already mentioned to my friends what great follow-up I received from your company.  Please extend my thanks to _____for her help. I look forward to doing business with you again soon.-L.E.



Now I’m really happy (no sarcasm, really). One of Getaroom’s affiliates tried to rip me off by applying multiple billings for the same room reservation. When I called the partner to get it corrected, they rudely insisted that it was not an error, and they were entitled to bill my card as much and as often as they liked once I had given them the initial authorization. But Getaroom deserves a huge pat on the back. As soon as they found out that their affiliate had treated me this way, they gave me a refund on the errant charges, and they were polite, accommodating, and wonderful about it.  The Travelodge in Calgary was equally accommodating, and upgraded my room as an apology.  So, Getaroom, thank you. Thank you very much for making it right, and I’ll be happy to do business with you again. You took responsibility for the bad actions of one of your affiliates, and I appreciate it very, very much. Thank you.


We were looking forward to our trip, however, due to unforeseen circumstances we were not able to proceed with our plans. I do want to take the time to say thank you to your support team in helping me set up our initial plans. However, as stated earlier, we were not able to proceed with it. I contacted your team and advised them that we have to cancel our plans and they were very efficient and thorough in assisting me with this cancellation. I just wanted to say thank-you to your team for their professionalism.  Regards-H.F.


September 2016

I want to extend my appreciation for your Supervisor named _____. I had contacted your organization 4 times to straighten out 2 reservations that I had made to the Embassy Suites.  I was unable to get any help until I spoke with her. She straightened out the problems that I had in a truly professional manner. Again, thank you for your wonderful employee.-A.M.

We appreciate your help and support in making sure we are satisfied customers. Thank you very much.-B.G.

Thank you  for making our situation better.  Is there a way I can let your supervisor know of how well you took care of our situation and what wonderful service you delivered? Even though there was a problem,  I will still continue to do business with your establishment because of the level of care you took with me and my family on this very special celebration vacation. Thank you.-P.A.

Kudos to your agent!  She has provided excellent customer service!-A.

To whom it may concern: I’d like to offer my thanks for a job well done to your team. The team did a great job of offering reassurance when we found out the hotel didn’t seem to have the same “all inclusive” record we saw when we bought our reservation. We were impressed at the hours the team devoted to making sure that we ended up getting the right package. Because of their hard work, we are sure to enjoy the trip, and we are truly thankful. Thank you once again for your reassurance during the process and for the hard work you put into getting us the right package!-B.and T.B. 

Thank you!  I really appreciate the time that you, and anyone else involved, put into helping me here!  I will definitely use again!  Kind regards-A.D.

I would like to say that I had the best customer care today!  The young lady that helped me today was the best! She was super nice and helpful.  Due to Hurricane Matthew, we had to cancel our reservation.  I was able to get my credit card refunded in full.  She was super- and just because of her, I will always book with Getaroom!!!! Thank you.- A.Z.

A.G. is phenomenal at her job!  She is very professional and caring. Please hire 100 more like her!!!!-M.B.

Dear Customer Care, I am extremely pleased with your services.  I would definitely use your services again or recommend it to my friends/family. Thank you.-S.

Your agent was great in helping me with this issue! She cancelled my reservation and held on the other line while I made the new reservations.  I want to thank her, because without her help, I’d probably still be crying.. Thank you!

Today I had the good fortune to talk with one of your agent regarding the booking of a couple of rooms at San Antonio’s Riverwalk Plaza Hotel.  I could not have reached a more competent, professional, personable, and knowledgeable young lady if I tried.  It was a pleasure speaking with her and rewarding to get the rooms I was looking for.  Thank you for taking the time to hire only the best of employees with the willingness to help each customer, as if we were the only one. Best to you-R.P.

My compliments to your employee Miss Francis. She is very capable, knowledgeable and extremely patient.-Lois J. Simon 

I was looking for rooms in Wichita online when I called and was introduced to Karen. Words cannot express how amazing this lady is. She began by being courteous and kind as she inquired about the city and state and my budget. She spent time looking online through the various hotels. We were going to be playing in a youth basketball tourney that weekend. She actually looked up the information on the tournament and found which gyms my daughter’s age division would be playing in information I couldn’t even find.  All my children play on traveling athletic teams, and we have many occasions to use hotel rooms, but I can simply state that, without a doubt, Karen will be the only person I can from this point forward.  The sad part is that due to an issue at the bank, I couldn’t even complete the financial portion of the transaction and when I called back, a man named Michael was able to finish the booking. It made me sad because Karen did the bulk of the work getting me a great reservation under my budget! She did call me back, but when I lamented that she wouldn’t get her commission, she simply stated that all she cared about was making sure we were happy with our reservation. What a lady!  Because of her amazing work ethic, she will have a customer for life and as many referrals as I can manage.-Rachel Jones

Hello, just a quick note to tell you that Tim did an outstanding job in setting up my reservations!-Richard Rizzo

I want to commend one of your employees, Richard Purdy.  He did a fabulous job and was so kind and courteous and I appreciated his professionalism and get’er done attitude. Thanks-Ms. Karen Depallens

Richard Purdy, was very pleasant and informative. My experience was very good and I have already recommended to my friends.

I wish to make a commendation for employee, Nadine King. Nadine researched several properties in the surrounding San Diego area for vacancies nearest the Convention Center. She even tried contacting my husband per telephone to see which of the few available rooms he and his disabled friend would be interested in. She searched for accommodations providing a shuttle to help with our friend’s ambulation difficulties. Nadine went above and beyond actions to try to find a room for my family and friend, who needed closer accommodations.  She was extremely professional and polite and exhausted all possibilities for a potential customer.  Nadine is an excellent customer service provider!-Geraldine Ferrer

I wanted to take time to write to you about the amazing service given to me by Kiki yesterday when I attempted to contact Super 8 to reserve a room (the first of a 5 day and 4 night trip to Alaska on the Alcan Hwy). It’s a pretty daunting job for me to seek lodging for each of our nights when I have no experience going that distance through a lot of wilderness settings with huge mileage between stopping points. Wasn’t sure where to begin. When Kiki came on the line to assist, all the uncertainty went away and she took the lead in identifying great places for us to stay along our AAA carefully planned route. Kiki related personally with us as travelers and looked with us for accommodations like she was planning for her own family. I so appreciated that level of customer service. I don’t even look for it anymore because it is so rare to run across someone who takes to heart their job in providing a great service to their customers. She did an exemplary job! Well done, Kiki! I wish you the best.-Rita Roalsen

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a reservation agent J Lowe, nickname Necy. I cannot tell you how helpful she was in our search for a hotel room in Louisville, Kentucky. She persisted in her search until we settled on a property that seemed just right for meeting our needs. I am happy when I find someone who is so helpful and goes above and beyond expectations. I hope you will find a way to recognize Ms. Lowe for her exemplary work. She is truly an asset to your company.-Jane Matthis


August 2016

I just want to give a big shout out to Diana (in Texas). She went above and beyond to help us with our recent reservation. Thanks again! Very much appreciated.-Debbie

I would like to express my appreciation for your agent, Patrice! I had lost my reservation information. Did not know the name of the motel, booking agency or confirmation #. Looked for motels in the area where I am going & your # was listed. Called, explained my dilemma. Patrice assisted me. Gave me the direct line for the motel picked; I called & it turned out to be the one with whom I had a reservation!!! Please share my appreciation with her. Thanks,- Peter Haik

Hello, I would like to provide an extremely positive review for one of your supervisors, Deborah K. She went above and beyond to help me with a reservation today and I’m very appreciative of her service and hard work. Not only did she provide me with exactly what I was looking for, she was patient, understanding and kind throughout the entire, admittedly difficult, process. I am extremely satisfied and very happy that I was connected with her. Because of Deborah K. and her willingness to ensure my satisfaction, I will certainly be using in the future and will make recommendations to my friends.-Mark

Last night I spoke to Leo about securing a room in Syracuse. I run a real estate company for the last 45 years. I wanted to take the time to let you know that Leo did an absolute terrific job finding what we needed. He went far beyond what I expected him to do. I wish my sales people were all like him. You have a great employee. I will be sure to use him again.-Jerry Curre 


July 2016

Good Morning,

Thank you so very much for sorting this issue out so promptly. We are very pleased with your service and for turning our experience with tripadvisor into a positive one. We will keep the receipts for breakfast and send those across to you on our final day. I am sure that the island taxis (if going by business style in other Caribbean countries is anything) don’t issue receipts. Therefore, the hotel receipts will be the most proper. We really want to extend our thanks. My daughter reported to me that you were professional and polite- what a great service you are to tripadvisor. Happy holidays, and all the best for your future- we will be in touch soon. –Russell’s


Good Morning Elia,

I am taking the time to recognize one of your supervisors Gina Bennett. I live in Toronto had booked a room at a hotel in Toronto and I was unaware that the total cost was in USD. I called and spoke with Gina about the situation. I have to say, that her level of service was exceptional. I work in the financial industry and totally understand the importance of great customer service. I would like Gina to be recognized for her attention to detail and resolving the issue. I am very happy with the level of service I received.


You have a jewel of an employee named Vickie who spent almost an hour today (8/1/16) (with much patience & kindness) helping resolve our issue of having been double charged for a hotel room at Orlando International. The whole thing was a mess! I got sick while visiting in FL & had to change car & flight reservations, get a hotel, etc. to come home early. Due to a computer glitch, getaroom inadvertently double charged us for the hotel room (& the hotel couldn’t cancel the duplicate reservations). I had only my phone (no computer) so didn’t have names, confirmation #s, etc. DID try to cancel on 9 Jul thru getaroom but the rep couldn’t find my reservations using my name & phone number (which is a little difficult to believe). Ended up being on hold with her for a total of 30 minutes (with LOUD music) so I finally hung up. (In all fairness, she did check back with me in approx 10 minutes then put me on hold again. After 20 minutes when she never came back, I hung up). Vickie was patient throughout the whole process of helping me cancel the duplicate reservation. She was kind & thoughtful & provided explanations throughout the process (even telling me to not hang up if the music stopped). She is very capable, caring, & thoughtful & if your company has an employee award program, this is one lady who definitely deserves that award (plus maybe an extra day off???). I just can’t say how exceptional her service was. She resolved our problem—it took almost an hour & she stayed with it patiently all the way thru! Here is a hug, a huge bouquet, a nice dinner & an extra day off for your excellent employee, Vickie. XXXOOOXX Thank you, thank you..-Jan Cook


Very good support-Alistair Angus



June 2016

I would like to show my greatest and heartfelt thanks to the excellent service for Roni and Sharre. Without your kind help, I think I surely could not enjoy my whole trip in Australia with a loss of a big sum of money. Sorry to bring you extra workload and please accept my greatest gratitude to your excellent service offered to me. All my best wishes! With my best regards –Shun Kong Tsui (Hong Kong)

Hi Amber – thanks for your prompt and efficient handling of this matter – din’t think it would be so easy – will use your company again and will let you know when I have received the payment back – best wishes-  Dave Walden

To who it may concern,

I just want to take the time to show my gratitude for Patrice Pettigrew. She really helped me out when I messed up a reservation. She was very patient and helped fixed my error. I really appreciate her taking the time to fix my mistake. Thank you for her great customer service and understanding.- Quianna Rashada

GAR Agent Herisha Chalmers, called in, verified security, transferred Guest’s Administrative Assistant Rebecca who gave positive feedback on her Postive, Professional Customer Service Experience she experienced with GAR Agent Herisha Chalmers who paid attention to detail, listened attentively and helped with the other reservation too. The guest really enjoyed her positive experience with GAR Agent Herisha Chalmers that made her very happy.- Rebecca

May 2016

Received VM at 115A on May 23rd from a customer Natasha assisted with getting a reservation confirmed. Customer wanted us to know that Natasha did a “Really, Really Good Job”!!!!!!!

Received VM from wanting to let us know that LaTasha was a Terrific Representative of She was very sweet and helpful in locating the perfect hotel for their stay.

I’m very grateful for Mona’s thoroughness and her persistence. I’m also complimenting your supervisory skill, for if you were not effective, Mona might well lose her own strength and desire to go the extra mile to be fully helpful. I told her that I would tell you that in this, my note to you. Mona was marvelously professional. I’m sure you must be also.- Mrs. Danica Henninger

We wanted to say thank you for your employee Jenna she’s absolutely the most compassionate caring employee anyone could wish to deal with congratulations on a great employee!- Mr. John Burnett

Kiki did an extraordinary job. She guided me through the maze of finding a hotel that was reasonable in price and close to my destination.
Once I found the hotel, she was patient as I attempted to purchase it for a better rate on line. However, I ended up booking it with her because my online service did not work and Kiki was worth the extra $16. That type of service is hard to find this day.
I just talked to Jackie at reservations and she was great! She understood our accommodation needs regarding my special needs nephew and I’m looking forward to staying at the hotel she set us up in.- Mrs. Denise King
I called to make a reservation for Bloomington, IL today. I wanted to get a hotel halfway from my destination with a pool since my son is Autistic and I wanted him to have some exercise after a long drive. The person who tried to help me told me all hotels were an hour away from where I needed to stop, so I choose a different location which shorten my destination. It was actually the hotel I’m stopping at on the way down to Kansas, MO. After I thought about it, I looked on line and it looked like there were several hotels available. I called back and Margaret helped me find a hotel in Bloomington which I wanted, gave me the exit number and not only got the hotel with a pool but restaurant too. She was very helpful. I cancelled my first reservation. I never heard of but when the reservation people know what they are going, speaks clear English, can read a map, its great!! Just wanted to share my experience.- Sue Mulder

Josephine THANK YOU! Wow. I’m grateful! Your level of customer service is rare, unique and special! Thank you for saving me. Physically, emotionally and mentally I feel rejuvenated just from talking to you and your resolution. You should be on a role model platform for all people in customer service!- Pete

I was very rude to one of your phone ladies today, Debbie Krom. I was very frustrated because of a room booking that was not properly explained to me and she helped me. She was so kind and helpful. She secured the cancellation for me and called me back as she promised. She made me feel like she really cared about my problem, she came through and restored my thinking of your service. Thank you so very much and please extend my compliments to her supervisor for training Debbie to do her job so very, very well.
Sincerely,- B. Fox

I can’t thank you enough for your assistance this morning in straightening out the matter . As I told you, I spent the entire morning talking to Leon who put me on hold and I was disconnected, and the same with Alexander who said he would call me back if we were disconnected, and he did not. You are such a professional, and I want your supervisor to know that. You, too, put me on hold but made sure that we were not disconnected while you placed a call to the Hampton Inn in Orange Beach, Alabama. Thank you for verifying with Wendy at the Front Desk that the reservation was, indeed, cancelled and that your company was not paid by Hampton Inn because we had been approved to cancel our non-refundable reservation due to a death and funeral we had to attend on April 23. You followed through with the facts given you, and I want to thank you for your professionalism. I really felt helpless, and without your assistance, I fear this would not have been resolved. I want your company to know how lucky it is to have you on its staff. Thank goodness for dedicated employees like you who knew exactly what to do in this situation. I will call the 800 number next week to make sure that all is well. My refund ticket number is 848762.Jennifer, thanks again!!- Max and Gayle Redick

To whom this may concern:
I would like to compose a short letter demonstrating the thankfulness we have for what Josephine did for my husband and myself.This past weekend, my husband brought to light a small trip that he had taken time to plan for our anniversary. Had Josephine not stepped in like she did to help us with the situation (that I don’t have time to type so I hope she remembers, lol), the weekend, while it would have gone on, wouldn’t have been a memory well remembered. We hope there is some acknowledgement, advancement, or SOME kind of reward that she will obtain because of her excellent customer service skill. I didn’t feel as if she was just trying to please us as customers, but that she actually understood and wanted to seek to make our weekend remain special. That meant a lot.This letter is the least we can do, but as her boss, I hope you can do more. Thank you Josephine. We will remember your help always.- The Hendrickses

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service you provided for me earlier today. You listened to my concerns and was able to resolve my issue in a timely manner. It’s definitely refreshing to get a customer service representative that is willing to problem solve to make sure the customer is happy. Thanks again and please forward this to your manager.- Hadeel

Good morning
My name is Tom and this email is to recognize and let you know about the awesome job your agent Summer did yesterday. She is so kind, polite, professional, and most important she resolves the issues in a blink. I that everytime i call and i reach her, i can lean my head and she will do whatever to resolve every case i gave her. I think that Summer, David, and Felisha will give to your company a longevity in the business. Grettings – Tom

Hi Team,

Mrs. Georgette requested to speak to me because she wanted to let us know about the outstanding Customer Service provided by the agent Jean Carlos since she called us with no information regarding her reservation, he was able to locate it and provided her with the information she was requesting. She stated that the Agent was extremely polite, helpful, genuine and went beyond and above in regards to her Hotel Reservation. – Mrs. Georgette

April 2016
I recently called your company with the intention of cancelling a reservation (R498118187) with and rebooking on
Your service representative, Ms. Applewhite, was able to take the time with me and find the same room through your own service for lower than saving me over $700. She patiently rebooked a new reservation for me (R513418955) then cancelled the pervious reservation (C513420895). She was thorough, profession and extremely courteous and went above and beyond to provide me superb customer service. You should be extremely proud of this employee. I would literally have cancelled my room with you had she not been so strident with her excellent service – Carter

Thank you for your courteous service and great help! Your ability to go above and beyond your duty made us appreciate your company even more! All the best, Marietta Moshiashvili

I am contacting your respective departments to share my gratitude for the wonderful customer service Monica in Relocation Services provided me on February 13. The reservation below was cancelled right before our stay at Casa Claridge. We were relocated to Hotel Cloyden for the first of our three night stay in Miami. Neither the Hotel Cloyden nor Casa Claridge would confirm our hotel rooms for the second night. Monica stepped in and ensured we had a place to stay for the next two nights. I will likely never stay at Casa Claridge again, but Monica ensured that I’ll be a returning customer at Getaroom! She is excellent at her job and ensured you now how a loyal and happy customer. Best,  Michael Martinez

March 1, 2016
I just made reservations for two separate dates at the Holiday Inn Express fisherman’s wharf. Chris was very helpful and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions and eased my anxiety about this trip. I am including my confirmation number for one of the nights so that you will know which Chris I am referring to. R521329332. Thank you Chris
To whom it may concern: I want to send a thank you to your employee Jennifer Merchant who helped us understand the reservation process that happens when a call is on hold too long with the Hampton Inn reservation desk and the process goes through your company I was able to talk to Jennifer for about 15 minutes on what had happened and she understood fully and was patient with me and she then spoke with a supervisor who was able to help us out with our situation. It is employees like Jennifer that went the extra mile for us that can make not wanting to make a phone call turn out to be a great phone call in the end. From our phone conversation it was mentioned that Jennifer is a new employee and the way she handled my phone call it sounds like she will be a great asset to the team. Please thank her for me and congratulate her on a job well done – Jeff and Jennifer Perok

Dear Josephine,
Just wanted to thank you for all your help today in trying to clear this up. You were so sympathetic and professional. Let’s keep our fingers (and toes) crossed that it will all be resolved by morning. Please could you call me so I can finally put my mind at rest and be able to vacation with my family, as I only just came out the hospital on Tuesday. Again, many thanks Regards- Naomi Perlman

“Thanks to and KAYAK for contacting me after my FB post and rebooking my family and I to Hôtel de Sèze Bordeaux at no extra cost with an upgrade, an extra night and extra cash back after my reservation mess up at IHG -Intercontinental Grand Hotel de Bordeaux. Much appreciated and excellent management of the situation by customer service! Looking forward to a great trip!!”- Marion Magnuson
I booked a room through your service. Subsequently, I broke my foot and could not travel. Unfortunately the period for a refund had expired. I contacted your Customer Service Department and was helped by Patrice Pettigrew who contacted the hotel on my behalf. Patrice was very patient, polite and competent. She was able to obtain an exception to the hotel’s policy and get a full refund. Patrice is a credit to Getaroom and deserves recognition for her service. Thank you & her, – James Bissett

January 31, 2016

Thank you Hilda. That is a great relief to me. And can you please pass on to your management that all of my dealings with your company all of my calls to your staff have been professional, polite and friendly. I have spoken with Shereen, Randall, Victoria, Megan and a couple of others whose names I don’t recall, and they have all been a pleasure to deal with. I think it’s important to give credit to them. They are the front line of your business, from my own perspective.  Kind Regards – Joan

January 31, 2016

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to let you know that I had an excellent experience working with one of your customer service members, Josephine. I had a problem with my reservation and had made many dead-end phone calls before finally reaching Josephine. Of course, one of the reasons why I was extremely satisfied with her service was because she was able to resolve my problem. But I also wanted to commend her on her manner handling the call. Her listening skills are superb and she responded in ways that made me feel like she really understood my situation as opposed to previous customer service reps who discarded empathy and just delivered the company policy, making me feel like I was just one in a long line of callers hearing the same exact message. You are very fortunate to have an employee like Josephine. Sincerely – Leslie Connelly

December 26, 2015
Thank you Kiki!!! The room was lovely and we slept so well. Very nice hotel and the shuttle got us to the airport in plenty of time to catch our flight. You were awesome and I thank you so much for your kindness!! Merry Christmas to you and the happiest of New Year’s!!! Sincerely, – Jan

December 18, 2015
It was such a pleasure speaking with Stacy. I have never spoken to someone with such a big heart and extremely passionate about what they do. I appreciate her helping me successfully book my honeymoon. I am so happy I have her direct information because I love to travel and would love to work with her for booking my future trips. I will also recommend that all my friends book their trips through her.  Service being provided from individuals likes her make a trip so much better.

December 10, 2015
Maria Curtis left VM advising that she was very happy to work with Altamona when booking her reservation to Atlantic City. She was impressed with her wonderful, kind, sweet & was very pleased with her helpfulness. – Maria

December 10, 2015
Sara left VM advising of the best, most helpful and nice experience she had in working with LaTasha. She wishes that there were many more people in service like her. – Sara

December 08, 2015
Thank you Melissa for being a great help to Randy Tolson. He stated that you did an excellent job and went above & beyond to assist him with finding a hotel reservation!!! – Randy

December 08, 2015
I spoke to Bonnie Glenn and she stated that April was a great agent. She was greatly impressed with the service she received and will call back and book again with!! Thank you April for taking such great care in finding the perfect accommodations for Bonnie Glenn and for securing a future customer for Bonnie

December 07, 2015
The rep who worked w/ me on the phone to book my hotel was OUTSTANDING! GIVE HIM A RAISE! He was that good! Please let him know how good of a job he did. He exceeded my expectations. Sincerely, – Andre Gibson

December 07, 2015
Jerry sent the following email explaining what a great experience he had with Crystal!! Crystal just helped me book a room in Indianapolis, IN, and I would like to tell you that she did an outstanding job for me. Her patience and determination finally paid off and she got me a room in a sold out city somehow. She deserves to be commended for her work ethic – super nice and friendly. What a pleasant experience. – Jerry

December 01, 2015
I want to submit a huge compliment for Tamara Hayes in the manner which made booking a room a very pleasant experience. Her calm and detailed approach is to be admired. She conducted the transaction in a very polite, professional yet down to earth manner which made it seem as if I was the most important person to her at that time. Almost like conducting business with a friend. Her people skills were apparent the whole time. She truly represents your company in a very positive way. It is treatment like this that will make it easy to use your service again even if it cost a little more it’s worth it. I wish there were more people like Tamara by phone or in person. Thank you very much.

Lauri was told by her brother to book a room for her nephews college graduation last December because the hotels sell out during graduation time. She stated that here she is 1 month out trying to find a room. She advised that she has special needs because of her allergies & that she a needed a room that has windows that open. After spending hours/days looking, she dialed and was fortunate enough to have Richard answer the call. She advised on how it was a pleasure to work with Richard and he was able to find the perfect accommodations for her so she could enjoy your nephews graduation.- Lauri

To the applicable Supervisor/Manager at,
I just wanted to take the time to extend high praise to Chris Dirkx!!! He handled my reservations for a room at the Holiday Inn in Buford, GA (4951 Bristol Industrial Way Buford, GA 30518). Chris answered all my questions and concerns with exceptional professionalism (and patience)! He even put the rooms on hold for a few so I could check on something on my end before booking the reservation. After we touched basis again, everything was finalized. Considering the amount of calls the call center may receive daily, it takes a special patience and poise for a person to remain at the top of their craft. If the rest of your customers are receiving the same level of service Chris provided me, your company is in great hands! From my initial impression, I believe is privileged to have Chris Dirkx on staff!! Please respond with any questions or concerns. From a satisfied customer, Thank you- Alvin

I just wanted to tell you what a great help Jerneice Lowe was when we used getaroom for our travel plans. She was very helpful & took all the time we needed to find something that would be perfect for our travels. She also was very pleasant. Thank you –Kathleen

I recently got a room for myself and future wife at getaroom (Paris Las Vegas). I am very happy with the service Mr. Vince gave me he was actually very polite and gave me great advice for my wedding which I will never forget can’t wait to keep purchasing rooms from you guys absolutely EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Seriously felt like I was talking to family thank you guys!!!!! Beyond Satisfied Customer –Albert

Shauri did a great job, she was very pleasant and stayed the course until you were able to provide him with the correct information regarding the room description for him to make the right decision on which room he wanted to book. –Unknown

Taylor was so blown away by the service he received from Ms. Jacqueline Flowers today that he felt compelled to ask to speak to her supervisor so he could tell me all about it!!! And once he had me on the line, he literally spent easily the next 5 to 8 minutes straight singing her praises and emphasizing how helpful and courteous and knowledgeable she was!!! And also how pleased he was with his Getaroom experience as a result of her efforts!! –Taylor

Dear Stacey,
I received your email as a follow up regarding the reservation made on 10/12/14. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I appreciate the total respect and concern for my every need and concern. You reserved us a wonderful rate and also took the time to call the hotel and request us high floor away from the elevator due to the fact I am travelling with my elderly mother. Your congenial personality and sense of humor only added to a professional who knew the quality of good customer service. In this day and age of everyone complaining about one thing or another I thought it would be important for a company such as yours to know what good customer service does not to go unnoticed by some and is not taken for granted. You have a wonderful personality, and great professional skills. I certainly want your company to know without hesitation, that you are an outstanding employee and get whatever increased company benefits are in your future. Once again, thank you for everything and we may speak in the near future again. –Rosie

Cheri Marchi was extremely helpful and answered all our questions. She was a delight and made the process extremely easy. Because of her, I would surely use again. –Steven

My family and I and our neighbors are planning a trip to Disney World this summer. We have been looking for accommodations off and on for several weeks now. Needless to say, we were anxious to get that part of our planning completed and the anxiety was rising. That is until I came upon your website ‘’ and liked the way it was presented. I don’t remember how it all played out, but somehow I came across a number, called it, and asked about the unpublished rate I had heard about. The person I reached was Jeff. He was so kind, reassuring and helpful that our experience ended up being such a positive one that I wanted to be sure and let you know. Thank you for providing a friendly website and more than that a highly competent, English speaking, far above average employee to assist with our plans. It was truly a joy to work with him. I will beusing your company in the future and will tell friends about it also. Thank you again,-Lisa Van Zwenden

I just had a very pleasant first-time experience on phone, and secured 2 rooms at our hotel of choice. Thanks, Richard! –Krista

GAR customer Gwen Blaney advising of the great job Marcia did for her in locating a hotel in Las Vegas. –Gwen Blaney

“Stacy goes ABOVE and BEYOND with customer service. She has helped me so much – I love when she answers the phone. Great employee” –Melissa

Hi Chris/Getaroom,

Just wasn’t to say thank you for all your assistance last week and for making the reservation for us at the Warwick. We are very much looking forward to our trip. You provided an excellent service. Regards, –Tracy

I had some concerns over a booking I had done for a client over the weekend — and Mr. Norris was just wonderful in his desire to help.  He gave his complete attention and helped me so much, what a great experience. I don’t have a chance to talk to customer care very often. After my exchange with him I wish I had more. –Mr Woodson

Customer gave Chris D kudos after dealing with a painful money wise reservation; Chris made the booking of his reservation easier by being a people person. Also guest stated that the hold time was short as well. Please let Chris know that he rocks.

This is to let you know that we have a very good experience with Richard Purdy’s assistance and follow up during our last hotel reservation in Miami Beach FL. Best regards, –Dr. Davoud Tayebi from The Netherlands

Thank you very much for your help. After using for at least the last three to four years I have to say that I am truly a fan.  Not only are the rates extremely competitive the customer service has always been outstanding! Kind Regards, –Mitzi Alario

Just had to pass along a compliment about an employee at “get a room”…she has been so helpful and wonderful…if all employees were like her.  She has booked rooms for me in Florence and Bologna Italy!  Can’t do enough to make sure it’s easy and convenient…see her note to me below…even though your pricing is higher than American express I am keeping reservations with Stacy O’Neal.

I have just booked a hotel with Chris D and I could not have been happier with a reservation agent as I did with Chris. He worked with me until we found a hotel that was affordable for me.  He was professional and very patient with me (and that is not easy!!!!). Thank you for such a great employee.  I hope you let Chris know how important he is. Thank you –Joni Infantino


I would like to thank you for your excellent service. Hotel rooms in the Boston area are next to impossible to get at this time and you secured rooms for me with great expertise and finesse.  This made it possible to move forward with my business successfully. I look forward to another opportunity to work with you. Many thanks, –Allison G. Wheeler

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance with the hotel booking for Dukes. My father and brother had an enjoyable stay!!! I’m bookmarking after this pleasant experience. Thanks again, –Yuko

Dear Supervisor,

A very positive and pleasant experience in dealing with Stacy Oneal. She was informative, knew her product well, has great communication skills, and very professional. I am and will continue to be a repeat customer. Did I mention very helpful? Well add that to the list. Thanks. –Stephan M. Vener

Wow!! What a great employee you have in Shauri! She was very pleasant, efficient and patient (20 to 25 minutes) but got the job done; even with all my changes, and confirmed my reservation And it wasn’t even the same place I called about. Great job, give her a raise! –R. Coleman

I was bragging to Don Jones President of about the skill level and the quality that each of our agents possessed. So much so that he decided to call in and test the skill level of our call center today. When he told me that he had spoken to a very pleasant agent named Richard. I started to smile from ear to ear. Not only was he very impressed with Richards’s salesmanship but his overall knowledge of the city was impressive. –Don Jones President of

Mr. John Marks Left a message on my voice mail very excited and happy with the service Mr. Jeff White provided, he was respectful, super nice and was able to book us At the Stratosphere with one of those fantastic UN crazy rates he told me after booking it. It was the “BOMB Bro” as he calls it. Thank you for making our stay more enjoyable and cheap. GAR Rules.John Marks

It was truly a joy to speak with Stacy– both on the causal level and on the professional level in terms of the service that you provided. It is not an exaggeration to say that you “rescued” me after days – and I do mean days – of fruitless searching for the right place to stay for my upcoming trip to London. I’d like to go into a little detail regarding what you were able to offer me that no one else in the travel industry did:

 You GOT me my desired reservations. That’s job #1 and you did it. As I had mentioned, I had repeatedly been disappointed in finding hotels and agencies that promised certain dates, certain rates, and certain services – only to be let down by “the truth” once I actually reached them or some other reservations service.

 You were professional and courteous – while still being sociable and friendly. I cannot tell you how many reservations service providers did NOT come up to your standard. They told me one price, and then ended with another; they cut me off and never called back. They argued with me regarding a room rate that was published on their own website. And last of all, many seemed unable to understand the rather simple requests I was making. In some cases, I had to repeat a hotel name 5, 6, 7 – or more – times before I was understood.

 You were enthusiastic and seemed genuinely pleased to speak with and help me. This is not a subject I know just a little about. I supervise my company’s tech support department; I know the difference between genuine and fake. You are genuine and that attitude is contagious. I enjoyed making my reservations with you; I cannot think of any other agent in any aspect of the travel industry where I can say that. You made it sound like you were on my side – and that means a lot to me.

 Finally – you know your business. Too many times I have dealt with people in the travel industry who knows as much about their industry as I know about rocket science. Hearing you speak knowingly about the options that I had in the different parts of London made me confident that you were making the best recommendations for me – as opposed to other services where I had the distinct impression that the agent was simply coming up with the first and easiest solutions that their computers presented them.

I shall not only take the time and effort to inform everyone else in my company that they should work through your organization (as I myself intend to do), but I shall pass along this recommendation to my colleagues in the computer software industry, as I am indeed one of those “road warriors” who spend a lot of time commiserating with other travelers in the same position as myself. Again, I thank you for providing one of the best “customer service experiences” of my professional career. Best Regards, –Don Farber

Hi Shari,

Just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with booking a room with “Getting a Room . com”. It was my first time using your company and you get an A+ from me for customer satisfaction. You were very friendly and very helpful and made it a pleasant experience over the phone working with you. I would use your company again next time I need a room! Thanks again, –Cindy Biedebach

My husband, looking for a one night stay in Las Vegas to catch an early morning flight (driving from Orange County) was seeking a lower priced room…after searching on trip advisor, we found your number. Roger received our call, and patiently, not only looked for hotel/casinos in Vegas for a very low rate, but also looked on maps to determine vicinity to the airport. Keep in mind, it was for ONE night, low rate, with specific requirements for a casino; nearby to the airport. It was a 13 minute call (according to my cell phone) and nothing appeased my husband…. I thanked Roger after my husband declined to commit to a reservation. As soon as I hung up, I said to him, “The gentleman who helped us filled all your requests, yet you would not make a reservation”! He replied he was tired, going to bed and could “I” just go ahead with the reservation to “LVH”…I called back, spoke to a kind young lady, made the reservation. She helped identify the especially patient, helpful man whom had spent almost 15 minutes with my husband and I….Let’s just say, we have stayed at many fine Hotels in Vegas, he had never heard of this hotel….but I reminded him it fit all of his requirements….AND was a very low price…So, this is a long email to say, what a rare experience to be treated with such a high level of patience, and kindness. Roger….you shine in this world of apathy. Thank you. I know it may seem strange to read this email, but, truly, I wanted to book a month of rooms just because of your unhurried, sweet, willing attitude. Thank you, –Ted and Tamra Litz

We received a call from Mr. Derek Greely, he was happy and excited about the rate he got for Atlantic City but the best part was the customer service he received from P. Knotts. He was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. He gave me an overview of the area where I was booked and places I can go. This is one of the things many companies lack, I can say that I found that company and the service I’ve been looking for Not to mention the best rates, I’m sold to GAR. –Derek Greely

Received request from Jacqueline Flowers to contact customer wanting to provide a compliment, Called Erik Dohlman after Jackie spoke to him on 9/8/13. Erik stated that in the past when calling to make reservations, not with our company, he usually receives mundane assistance.  But when he called into to book his reservation to Boston and spoke to Jackie she did a great job, going above and beyond.  He wanted to pass along kudos to Jackie for being very friendly and articulate when speaking with him.Congratulations Jackie for taking care of the reservation deals customer and providing him with a wonderful experience when booking his reservation to Boston. –Erik

Thought you would like to know how fantastic several of your team members are at delivering stellar customer service. Carol was great for introducing me to your support team, and Patrick was first to step up and offer his assistance when Stacy was off work. Yet, Stacy proved to be over the top brilliant, and willing to go ten extra miles to help me out.  My son Kevin and I travelled Europe for nine days with lots of last minute changes as to what city we needed a room for each night.  Stacy always gave us options, and could not have been more accessible, patient or friendly.  Stacy found us some very nice properties.  Would encourage you to duplicate Stacy if at all possible. Safe travels –Rich

I just want to tell you I really appreciated your good work, you made a perfect job you make me fell comfortable with my English. Have a good evening. –Lucie Et Nicolas Drapeau

Hi my name is Patty Goodman, and I had the pleasure of talking with Richard yesterday to book a couple of rooms.  We had almost completed going thru two rooms, different dates etc. when there was a computer surge or something. Richard was amazing, he turned my name over to someone, after he realized it would be awhile, and the call was never completed(not the point) but Richard called me this am to make sure I was taken care of. At that point I was not and we finished the deal. Great customer service!!!!!!!! Not many people today go beyond the call of duty but Richard absolutely did. I will tell everyone. Thank you again, –Patty Goodman

To: Get a room Management,

I wanted to start out by saying congratulations on your search engine, as Google suggested to make sure I compare 3 search engines to get the best results and the fact is that your search engine was by far the best result. Nothing makes me happier then knowing that I found a great deal! But the main reason why I am writing this email is Stacy! I would say this the first time I have taken the time voluntarily to Wright and email. And we’ll deserve. You have to celebrate positive people like herself, and how can you not, not only she walked me through the process flawlessly but she did in such a way where my mood went from , I just woke up , to its going to be a great day today! I got off the phone that day and thought to myself, you know Stacie is probably not going to get a raise, she is not going to reach an incentive because of this email, but I wanted to make sure that personal touch like Stacie’s is celebrated! I wanted to make sure who ever Owens the company or whoever runs the company to be proud and consider them self-lucky to have someone like Stacie working for them and representing their brand! I have been in the customer service and hospitality business myself and I can’t help but appreciate the personal touch that will refer people to keep coming back.Cheers to Stacy, Cheers to get a room.

Chris thanks for being so helpful!! Amazing to deal with!! Will definitely use get a room because of Chris. Melanie Foreman

I would like to commend Nadine for her diligence, kindness and dedication in helping me with a booking.  Rooms are almost sold out in Indianapolis in August for a convention.  We could not get the client’s credit card to go through.  Nadine, on many occasions -up to 9:00 pm last night, worked with me to get this booked.  We could not get it done. I called her this morning at 9:00 am and we got the booking done with a new credit card. Thanks so much to Nadine for working with me until we got it done. I usually have good luck with your res. agents but Nadine tops the list. Make sure she gets a big pat on the back!!! Thank you.- Betty Hollingsworth, CTC All Ways Travel

Yes I just saw it.  Sorry I went swimming in the pool!  I was enjoying the hotel you so graciously booked for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so patient, calm, informative and helping us to book a fabulous hotel!  I am glad I trusted you and boy were you right. Everything you said was dead on and I want to take time from my vacation to thank you. We couldn’t have done it without you. Again, thank you and we hope all other newcomers and visitors listen to your advice. Respectfully,- Carolina Pizarro

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!! Thank you so much for being genuinely concerned about my family vacation. You are an asset to the company! Please pass this on to your Supervisor: Stacy’s kindness, helpfulness and GENUINE concern, went above and beyond any of my expectations. She was not looking to book a sale, she was more concerned about my family vacation and whether or not we finally got it. This was my first time trying and after all the frustration, I vowed it would be my last…. until my interactions with Stacy. Because of her, I will try to book through you again, but only because of Stacy. Thank you for your time. – Antonella Nester

I cannot even begin to thank you for what you have done for me and fiancé. You took EVERY bit of stress out of this past week from my father being diagnosed with cancer to losing a best friend. We were once locals in Vegas, and the way we have been treated at The D was enough to make me sick and have panic attack. Again Vince, we thank you more than we ever could for finding us cheap rooms and actually caring on a personal level and business level. You have literally changed my week from negative to positive with the amount of stress you relieved just by doing your job and doing it the way it should be done (unlike 70% of these greedy, rude casinos do it here in town). Hate repeating myself but Vince you are a life saver… Best wishes and you def are a caring and hard working person, we could not have done this without you. Thanks again!!! 🙂 – Stefan

Shannon’s customer service and effort to resolve my issue was impressive and worked out well so I wanted to be sure she was recognized for her outstanding service.  Many thanks from a happy customer, best regards, – Douglas Gray Director North America

I wish that every customer care rep we had handled himself as James Ellis did for me today. He thought outside the box, took his care to the next level and tried to make everyone happy, to the best of his abilities. I really don’t know if you realize that his guy is valuable. I didn’t know that Get a Room existed, but now I do and now I will use this company if the service rep is so easy to deal with. Congratulation’s for your decision to hire him! – Nancy Ringle

I work with a very large company…I wish that every customer care rep we had handled himself as James Ellis did for me today. He thought outside the box, took his care to the next level and tried to make everyone happy, to the best of his abilities. I really don’t know if you realize that his guy is valuable. I didn’t know that Get a Room existed, but now I do and now I will use this company if the service rep is so easy to deal with. Congratulation’s for your decision to hire him!
Nancy Ringle

Emma, “we had a wonderful time in Orlando! Thanks again for the excellent customer service you provided. It was a breath of fresh air to talk with you after days of speaking with the other hotel. I will most definitely be using Getaroom again and will confidently recommend your services to all my friends and family knowing that they will get the best customer service that is out there! Also I would love to have your supervisors contact information so I may send a note of gratitude for having an outstanding staff member. Thanks for all of your help. ” – Alison and the rest of the Petrucci family.

Emma was great on the call, not only did she assist me with finding a great hotel and rate; she went above and beyond to make my experience one to remember. I was booking a hotel for my son as a gift. I was so pleased that I will continue to spread the word about and the services they provide to family and friends. Thanks for all you do Emma. – Mrs. Darlene Adams

I just wanted to congratulate for great customer service. Your call center agent Sergio helped me book a room at the Island during this busy period, I was glad to hear back from him since nobody else called me back, thanks to him I can look forward to a great 4th of July. – Irma Sierra

I recently made a reservation for a hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I called the hotel where the conference is going to be held and they were sold out. They recommended another hotel and the conference price was sold out and their available price was very high for my standards. I checked online and came upon your website and was very happy to see that your prices were the best. They were approximately $40.00 less per day!! I called and your customer representative was very gracious in assisting me. I had never heard of your company, so I was truly skeptical. Your agent reassured me many times, again and again, before I finally decided to go ahead with the purchase. He was very patient, respectful, friendly and accommodating to my uneasiness about trusting your site and your great prices. Demetrius Hood is truly an asset to your company and I will surely be telling my friends and co-workers to check out your site. Thank you so much. – Minerva Saenz.

“Hi Sergio, I just wanted to say thank you again for your help in securing a hotel for my husband and I while we are in St. Louis. Your help was very valuable.”  Trish Fry

“Recently I made a reservation through your company. Mary Suma booked my room; she was very patient, funny, professional, nice, and answered all of my questions. I will definitely recommend to all of my friends, relatives, coworkers, and everyone else I know. I have a suggestion, for her next review, please give her a raise. Thank you very much for booking my room. Have a nice day. God bless you all.”  Tho Dang

Mrs. Collins wants to know… that “Danette Sanderlin did an awesome job helping her and getting her into the DC area with such JAZZ!”  Mrs. Collins

“Thanks to Jeremy Wilson, I appreciate your help and found you very pleasant to work with. I like getting help in a quick and efficient manner. ” Customer

“Mr. Sergio Lopez, I have not experienced better customer service in a very long time, you were very respectful, polite and very helpful. I will recommend your services to all members of my family. I am looking forward to doing business with you again.” Sincerely, Teresa O’Donnell

“Dear Makiala, Your efforts are truly appreciated when ensuring a customer’s security which increases my trust in your website. Have a good day.” Regards,  Hussain

“This site via telephone found the best rates for me, better than online services. Plus, Jeremy Wilson was able to negotiate a non-smoking room and vet hotel availability in real time. So pleased with the service! Very good solution finding, I was glad to discover this service.” Beverly T.

“I just had a very complicated reservation to make and Demetrius was just wonderful, he made it seem simple. Demetrius got the job done with full and clear explanations. I think he is terrific in his manner on the phone and his personality and his ability to sort things out in such a nice way.  He is a great representative for all your clients. I just wanted you to know” Jeannie Castells

“This is the first time I’ve used Get a Room and I was more than pleased with my experience. Carol Short assisted me today and not only was she knowledgeable and patient, but she offered me additional and very helpful suggestions. She even went so far as to return my call from a previous conversation. I call that exceeding expectations. I thought you should know that she is the type of employee that will make your company successful! I got a room. Now “”  Sincerely, Terri van de Sande

“I wanted to thank Diana for her help booking my hotel tonight. She was very helpful and outgoing. It made for a great experience with getaroom and I look forward to using your service in the future.” –  Nicholas Bobolia

“Called to say that we have a agent name Shauri that is totally awesome and sweet as Maple Syrup AYE. David makes this trip once a year and they where not sure if they would be able to make it this year. But thanks to Shauri they where still able to travel with in their fixed income. Not only was she able to find a great price for our neighbors from the north, but she also provided expert service along the way. Shauri keep up the great work!” –  David Jones

“Lisa D. did an excellent, thorough, professional job helping me with my recent hotel reservation. She gave me important information I had not received when I made my first reservation with your company. She was pleasant, articulate and positive, being sure to help me understand completely my reservation for a special occasion. Thank you.” –  Lisa Rasp

“To whom it may concern: I think I can be a real Dick to CSR’s when getting room reservations. As a consumer , I am trying to get the best price with the highest quality. Your Representative Herbert, was patient, didn’t rush me, was smooth , cool, he wasn’t pressing me and he had the best attitude. This guy could pass on some of his interpersonal communication techniques to fellow CSR’s : and you might want to consider him for some type of management position. It was a good experience. I appreciate you Herbert!” –  Michael J. Regan

“Greetings. I just hung up from working with Gavin to secure a room reservation for my daughter’s 21st birthday. I have wanted to make it special but struggle doing this alone. I am over 60 and a bundle of nerves over dealing with unknowns via the computer etc. I have not been to Vegas for nearly 3 decades so I’m at a loss on this particular trip. I thoroughly appreciate the guidance and patience that Gavin extended me personally. I was just shopping for rates but because of the unique kindness and professionalism that he extended me, I felt secure in finishing up the trip plan with him. He is a model employee and I hope you can reward him accordingly. I will keep your website handy for future trips as well as recommend it..and him. Thank you”. –  Georgette Jarvis

“I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting us the special room rate for our stay in New York last week.  The employees at the Stay Hotel could not have been more accommodating from the front desk to the door man.  The location was great for enjoying the Times Square, theater/plays and “restaurant row” was within walking distance as well.  The rooms were small, but clean!” – Maybin Grimm

“I wanted to send you my sincere thanks for a great stay at The Luxe Hotel – Sunset Blvd. Everything about the property is superb, from its location and appearance to its extremely attentive staff. The Luxe is as great a hotel for a weekend getaway as it is for a quick stay to recharge your batteries.

My stay at The Luxe was incredibly relaxing and peaceful. It is hard to believe that such a sanctuary exists in close proximity to the hustle and bustle of greater Los Angeles and just footsteps away from the iconic gridlock that is the 405 freeway. The front desk agents, lounge staff, and shuttle drivers were extremely welcoming and helpful. I will definitely be returning to The Luxe – Sunset Blvd next time I am in the Los Angeles area.”
Scott M. Bigger
KSL Travel Show Producer
KSL Newsradio 102.7 FM/1160 AM

“My reservation through your company has just been completed. IT WAS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE because of the associate who helped me – Lori Bess. I’ve never encountered a more patient and helpful person. Let the “powers that be” know when they have a great employee. For, that is Lori!”
Cheryl Dorsey

“Eddie was helpful, informative and patient, all of which made for a seamless booking process. I’d like to thank Eddie – a definite asset to – for his service and have his efforts acknowledged by your company as well!”
Rosalyn A. Fountain

“Oftentimes, we are quick to complain when things don’t go as planned but not so quick to praise when satisfied. I will admit that I was very uncomfortable using a third party travel site; however, your service was terrific, the price was excellent and my rebate was prompt. I just wanted to send along my comments to thank you for a very positive travel experience. Thanks again!”
Joseph Malloy

“Yolanda got me a room – she was terrific!  Great on the phone, so helpful and pleasant.  Thanks so much.”

“I recently used for the first time, and my experience was a positive one thanks to Eduardo. I was very pleased and impressed with the level of service he provided. Eddie not only helped me find a hotel I liked, but one very close to my conference – all at a great price. I have kept Eddie’s direct line and will go directly to him in the future. I will also recommend to my associates.”

“I was very impressed by the patience and pleasant demeanor demonstrated by Lori Bess. My reservation with not only marks the first time I’ve ever used a website, but it’s also the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had booking a hotel room. I now feel very comfortable usi