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Late Summer and Labor Day Tips for Choosing a Destination.

Thursday, July 19th, 2012


1. Orlando Hotel room rates are affordable during the month of August. Stay at a variety of Downtown Disney hotels such as the Royal Plaza and the Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Hotel from $75 a night. Many hotels drop rates mid to late August.

2. Top destinations for late summer and Labor Day are Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Myrtle Beach, Atlantic City, Reno/Tahoe, Miami and Washington DC. Book early for the best hotel deals in these markets.

3. Las Vegas hotel deals are hard to beat in August – the best deals can be found Sunday thru
Thursday. Strip hotels such as the Stratosphere offer rates from $39 a night.

4.  Labor Day hotel room rates are higher for Saturday and Sunday night during Labor Day
weekend – but drop way down on Monday night – stay Monday and get a great deal in
most markets.

5. Myrtle Beach has high demand all summer but rates drop at most
hotels in late August.

6. There are many bargains on hotels in New York City such as the Travel Inn for $175/night
on for many summer dates, rates at this property include free parking and an outdoor pool.

7.  Stay with the stars in South Beach – many bargains to choose from all summer
long at Miami hotels such as the Hotel Chelsea – at from $78 including free airport shuttle, free wifi, free happy hour and more.

8.   Most San Francisco hotels offer lower rates for Labor Day weekend –
enjoy the cable cars and Fisherman’s Wharf and get a great deal.

9. Thousands of hotels offer lower rates all summer through’s
Unpublished Rate program – just pick up the phone and call 1-800-HOTELS8,
ask for the Unpublished Rate and save 10-30% off the lowest online

10.  Why visit many sites to shop – do it all with one visit to to check airfares, car rental rates, hotels and more.

Travel Tips for an Affordable Summer Family Vacation

Friday, April 27th, 2012

family pic

While traveling during the summer months with family will cause some stress, it doesn’t have to blow your entire budget. Through proper planning and the right tools, families can enjoy a summer vacation at top destinations without skimping on fun.

Here are six top tips for managing the summer travel season without losing your budget or your patience!

1.  Make your plans in advance by booking early. March and early April are great times to book vacations. features hotels in top summer destinations that are cheaper if booked 14 or 21 days in advance. Top Disney hotels can be booked for around $100 a night. Early booking also means your kids have something to look forward to, and you can plan out excursions and a trip schedule that makes the most sense for your particular family dynamic.

2.  Pack right for the trip and likely conditions. Summer in Orlando means heat and humidity. Pack the right kinds of breathable clothing and your wide-brimmed hats. Nothing is worse than an entire family that is sunburned and dehydrated.  It also rains almost every evening in many parts of the country, so light and packable rain coats are vital. You are certainly not getting your money’s worth on travel if no one feels good, so prepare for the weather properly.

3. Review your chosen hotel’s policy on kids staying free. Many don’t charge extra for kids up to 19, but others will even charge for a toddler. Know the fees in advance so you can avoid a disagreement with hotel management.

4.  Travel on the right days of the week. Flying on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday is a strategy that can pay off with some much discounted rates. You also should consider travel in June instead of July or August as it can be less crowded and you can find cheaper fares.

5.  Consider a vacation “villa”, otherwise known as a condominium type setup that features more space, full kitchens, and other amenities. They are especially ideal for families that would otherwise require two adjoining hotel rooms. The savings on meals can quickly eclipse the expense of the bigger accommodations.

6.  What are the most popular spots for summer? While Las Vegas is very hot, there are great summer deals, especially for hotel stays between Sunday and Thursday. The Caribbean and the Bahamas are also very good during the summer as rates are much lower than during the winter high season. Washington D.C. is another good summer option as Congress is not in session and there are less locals and travelers, so you can see our nation’s majestic monuments and museums without the crowds.

Bonus Tip: Our final tip is for parents to manage their own expectations. You can’t visit Disney World in July and be angry when there are a lot of crowds. Remember you are supposed to be on vacation as well, so expect to contend with other people and show your kids that you’re under control and enjoying your time.

Bob Diener, founder of, is a travel industry veteran with more than 25 years’ experience, which includes founding and, an online booking site that allows users to get unpublished rates and cancel their reservation if need be. He can help your readers get the most out of their stay, offer advice on booking the best hotels, and give tips on avoiding extra airline fees. He can also give tips on the best places to travel for families.

7 Tips for Scoring Great Summer Hotel Deals

Friday, July 1st, 2011

dollar billTo lock in a good deal on a hotel, planning ahead is a must. So says Bob Diener, President and Co-Founder of, who spoke to Sarah Lorge Butler of CBS about ways travelers can score huge discounts on hotel accommodations this summer. Though temperatures may be rising, your travel bills don’t have to! Read on for seven strategies that can help keep more money in your wallet.

1. Book early. According to Bob, hotels don’t want to cut rates at the last minute due to low occupancy, so they’re offering better deals to travelers who book two to three weeks in advance. This is especially true in major including New York and San Francisco, where it can be harder to snag last-minute specials.

2. Remain flexible with your choice of properties. Boutique hotels, vacation rentals, condos and apartment-hotels can offer more space and better values – particularly if they have kitchens – than standard hotel rooms.

3. Look into family-friendly hotels and resorts. At select properties in cities like Orlando and Anaheim, kids stay and eat free, which can bring relief to your pocketbook.

4. Longer stays could translate to bigger savings. Observe what happens to the hotel rate when you extend your length of stay by one night. You could wind up getting that third night free, especially if you include a Sunday night stay.

5. Book in dollars instead of euros. Whether you’re planning a stay in London or Paris, Bob suggests you book in dollars rather than euros so as to avoid any currency-related conundrums. Be mindful that European hotel rating systems differ from American rating systems. “A three-star British is like a one-star hotel in the U.S.,” Bob adds.

6. Packages don’t always give you the best bang for your buck. Unless you’re going to Mexico or the Caribbean, you might end up footing a steeper bill if you purchase a package. Those staying in the states will probably nab a better deal by booking hotel and airfare separately. Since packages are usually calculated per person, moreover, you’re likely to pay more for the hotel portion.

7. Save more with unpublished rates. offers unpublished rates typically 10 to 20 percent – and as much as 50 percent – lower than those listed on its own website and other travel websites. The only caveat: Travelers will need to contact the Call Center (800-468-3578) to get them. All Call Center agents are U.S.-based.

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